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  1. Thanks. Got the paypal. Will send the coin via priority tomorrow. Appreciate the purchase. Dave
  2. Selling the last bits of my collections. Updated to remove what has sold. If your interested in a coin that seems too high or too low, then let me know. Payment by paypal to All the coins are in PCGS. Any questions, just let me know. US MInt Sets - Moderns starting at $5 each **Jefferson:** 1945-P DDR MS64 1943-S MS64 RPM On Ebay Buy It Now $30 .. Dark toning. Some chattering. Buy coin for the Minor Variety.
  3. Only three coins left. Auction results for those sold are posted.
  4. Platinum Night Auction results and live bids with 24 hr remaining are posted. 1938 Jefferson PR68 PCGS CAC - $2040 SOLD 1939 Rev 40 PR67 PCGS CAC - $5280 SOLD 1940 Rev 1938 PR68 PCGS CAC - Top Pop - $26400 SOLD 1940 Rev 1938 PR67 Wohlforth PCGS CAC - $1200 SOLD 1941 PR68 PCGS CAC - $11400 SOLD 1942 Type 1 PR68 PCGS CAC - $3600 SOLD 1942 Type 2 PR68 PCGS - $1920 SOLD And last but not least the Washington Superbird. Top pop in Superbird variety. Spectacular coin. 1952 Washington PR67DCam PCGS FS-901 Superbird (Crossed from NGC PF68UC Star) - $7800 SOLD