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  1. toyonakataro

    A huge thank you NGC & NCS

    After seeing the video above, it's really amazing that all coins were rescued from those melted slabs without any damage.
  2. toyonakataro

    A huge thank you NGC & NCS

    Great story
  3. toyonakataro

    A shout out to NGC

    I'm also glad to hear that your coins weren't hurt in the fire
  4. I won this one from recent Heritage sale
  5. toyonakataro

    Any idea how to post video on this forum?

    Thank you for your help, bottlebum. I wanted to start a 'guess the grade of my half dime' thread, but seems like I've already posted the answer.
  6. toyonakataro

    Any idea how to post video on this forum?

    Did I make it?
  7. toyonakataro

    Any idea how to post video on this forum?

    Yes, I tried to upload my video directly to this forum from my smartphone, but the movie was outsized. And I thought something might change by registering to youtube, but nothing happened.
  8. I just registered youtube and uploaded a video there. And that's all I could do.
  9. toyonakataro

    Biggest Coin Collecting Risk You've Ever Taken

    I once paid a few thousand$ for a raw bust$ on ebay. I think it was in 2000 and shortly before I joined PCGS forum. I had no clue what I was doing before I joined the forum.
  10. I would settle with not so great looking coins if they were scare. In fact, I have some in my collection whitch are just ok. But if was just ugly, I would pass it even if it was the only opportunity to acquire in my lifetime.
  11. toyonakataro

    Downgrade service question

    Interesting. So I assume they use the same certification# when they downgrade a coin. Otherwise, they should abolish the old certification# from their database to avoid the confusion.
  12. toyonakataro

    Downgrade service question

    Did NGC downgrade your coin when you just wanted to reholder the slab?
  13. toyonakataro

    Downgrade service question

    I just wanted to know because I'm seeing a certain coin graded AU50 by NGC from upcoming Heritage auction. And looking up their auction archive,I can see exactly the same coin graded AU58 by NGC with different certification number. I was just curious if the owner of this coin used downgrade service or he just craked out the holder for upgrade and unfortunatelly got downgraded.
  14. If you send a coin to NGC for dawngrade and NGC agree with you, do they send you back the coin in a new slab with different certificate number? Or do they send you back the coin in a new slab and new grade with the same certificate number?