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  1. Thank you for the link, Mark. And thank you for your original post, Conder101. Glad it wasn't me who made the thread in2016 Has been collecting seated half dimes for a while, but never questioned about the co-existance of nickels and halh dimes until recently.
  2. I should have read more carefully. I thought they were giving more specific grades.
  3. Telling authentiticity just from images provided by eBay sellers? Grading proof coins from images? I hope this service won't cause troubles between NGC and their customers.
  4. Does anyone know the reason why US mint made both half dimes and nickles from 1866 to 1873 and eventually stopped minting half dimes in 1873? They also minted both 3CSs and 3CNs from 1865 to 1873.
  5. I had a chance to ask someone view 2 seated half dimes from Heritage auction recently. Ther person who viewed 2 coins for me said they were pretty, but didn't agree with the assinged grades. If gradeflation continues, do I have to adjust to the "new" grading standards? Otherwise, I'll keep losing my bids on pretty coins
  6. Is gradeflation still going on or did it stop at some point?
  7. Seated half dimes because they are cute and affordable (exept for 1870-S) I also like seated coins of other denominations, but many of them are out of my budget.
  8. Nice find, but I don't know what it is. Maybe you'll get more response by making a new thread on "US, World and Ancient Coins" forum.
  9. Hello The letters on woman's side read "Yang Guifei" and the other side reads like "One of the four famous beauties from ancient China" I don't know when and who made the medal, though.
  10. I was told by my collecting buddy that the first one is worth about $270~$360. If the second one is from Genbun then it's about $90 but if it's from Bunsei, it's worth about $180. He said he can't figure out from the images. The last one is about $45 according to his opinion.
  11. This is the oldest us coin I still own. I bought it on feb.1st, 1983. it cost me about 30 dollars
  12. After seeing the video above, it's really amazing that all coins were rescued from those melted slabs without any damage.
  13. I'm also glad to hear that your coins weren't hurt in the fire