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  1. Well I was actually speaking more in regards on how coins are graded in a technical sense not about who is or isnt more ACCURATE between the both of them . But thank you for your opinion and knowledge on the subject I'm sure I could always learn more as we all can and so there's really no need for any of the name calling ... infact I'm sure that my knowledge is not as vast as yours in light of the fact that I've only been collecting for about 6 years but I honestly don't care about that since I'm not competing on my knowledge of the coin grading process . It's like I said earlier . I simply just want to be certain that any coin I submit for grading and authenticating has the most accurate examination and testing humanly possible that's all . And from the sounds of it in today's coin industry it sounds like that would probably never be possible . Especially if people think the way that you say yourself . No disrespect intended . I think that in-spite of everything I've said the point I've been trying to make has been totally missed or totally overlooked and therefore i probably need to stop waisting my time trying to point that out . But again thank you for your excellent show of your knowledge in the field . Will try to make sure to make a mental note of it
  2. Man it seems like some of you guys are becoming very creative in trying to get everyone to ignore the topic ... And it really makes a grown person wonder What in the political heck is that really all about . Is there some kind of PERSONAL GRUDGE I'm not aware of . Or is someone in a secret rat race on how many comments a particular post is getting .... Well please allow me to ease your secret frustration and grudge INSIDER ... I do not care and I'm not in any competition . I only care about my coin and everything I can do to get it accurately authentic if you haven't figured that out by now . Oh and one last serious question .... Do you have like a quarter or coin somewhere that someone hurt your feelings about ????
  3. Well as i mentioned before I know that there will always be people such as yourself who strongly believe that they know the answer without absolutely any testing of any kind and while at the same time ADMITTING that these are just opinions and guesses and that is just the way it is . And coming from an YOUNG BULL TO AN OLD BULL . Your way of thinking and doing things is just that. YOUR WAY . NOT MINES . And it's not about being right or wrong for me . It's about the fact that no one seems to truly care about GETTING AN ACCURATE ANSWER TO HOW THE COINS FINISH WAS CREATED AND BY WHOM ... And I for one certainly do not look forward to sending a coin in to be authentic simply to be told that the coin is just altered because we think it is . And because that is just simply the way these things are done because they don't want to do testing or something as basic as comparisons if there is literally no reports of another coin in the world like it ... But hopefully I won't have to go far to breach these mundane methods ... Because I for one love collecting coins and will always desire ACCURACY OVER OPINIONS ... And believe me It's nothing personal . I am who I am and always will be
  4. So to put it in more simple terms ... It sounds like what you are trying to say is that Paris grading scale is less extravagant then the grading scale we have at our disposal ... Which to me means to me that they too can certainly probably use a little more vamping with their techniques for grading coins for a little more ACCURACY as well . Infact change is good alot of times if you ask me. Of course nothings ever perfect but in the big scheme of things things can always be added or tweaked a little bit for more ACCURACY especially for those people who are actually paying for a service which I'm sure JUST ABOUT EVERY COLLECTOR WOULD APPRECIATE IT . But i wonder if anybody else really cares about important things like that as I do .
  5. Please excuse the slow reply ... I've been trying to respond to all the questions as best I can . But the way I acquired the coin was mentioned above in my other comment .
  6. As i stated earlier i discovered the coin inside a roll of Lincoln cents ... and it stood out like a sore thumb after I realized what it was ... And I didn't think it was necessary to mention it. But I actually have a ton of other environmental damage dimes and dimes completely missing their clad layers none of which look anything remotely close to the smooth Even Frosted matte finish ...
  7. I discovered the coin a few years back in a roll of Lincoln cents ... Infact I believe it was around the same time that I gained a interest in collecting coins . And accidentally threw back a 1943 copper penny in a pile of coins because I had no clue of what it was and it looked really old . Which taught me to always rule out every possibility no matter what .
  8. Well it clearly sounds like a very flawed way of grading and authenticating coins if you ask me . Because everyone knows that if you took a PCGS MS 67 coin and a MS 66 coin and removed both their labels to allow all the PCGS graders to say which coin was which ... then it would simply PROVE that all the grades of almost every coin is nothing more then GUESSING . Which is why I personally think that all serious collectors need to collectively come together and appeal to the grading companies for a better and more accurate way of authenticating their coins through some form of BASIC TESTING TECHNIQUES , as opposed to these PREHISTORIC GRADING METHODS that you mentioned . I don't think it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that in my humble opinion . Which is what I explained to the PCGS head I spoke to after they graded one of my coin for almost $200 ... It's apparent to me that if anyone is spending that type of change for a coin grade that they should clearly want a more accurate and precise way of doing so but then again that is just my humble opinion on the matter .... Because I for one prefer accurate conclusions over EXPERT GUESSING any day ....
  9. Listen let me be very clear . I'm not at all trying to be unreasonable or difficult... I'm just simply trying to get down to the TRUTH and trying to be logical based on what I clearly see and have in my possession . Now how on earth the coin ended up this way is completely mystery to me but believe me when I say that it is certainly not nor has it ever been ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE nor do I believe that it was sandblasted by someone with a silly sandblasting machine do the fact that mostly every coin I have seen sandblasted by someone on youtube ended up having a acid looking effect with the devices looking like they were eaten away ... NONE OF WHICH can anyone say the coin possess ... And so with those BASIC FACTS I figured that it would probably be pretty obvious and it wouldn't take a coin expert to put two and two together ... Because the finish looks precise smooth and even . Also most as if it was applied by a high quality machine or expert not like some science project ... And so thats the bottom line and the only point I've been trying to get everyone to pay attention to rather then OVERLOOKING IT and saying that I have to PROVE THIS TO EVERYONE Oh and I did notice the PL comment you made . But I thought that you were saying it was Proof struck so my apologies there . Not attacking you simply looking at the FACTS regardless of who disagrees with it ...
  10. And so in light of all the smart and slick comments in the thread , along with yours ... Which one of those offers was I supposed to take seriously ????
  11. Well first of all . I will admit that in the very beginning I was a little reluctant to have it authenticated due to the fact that all the environmental damage crusade members were trying to convince me that the coin bares a unique environmental damage finish like no other . And up until recently I didn't take the time to do my own research either to discover that there simply is no other ROOSEVELT DIMES anywhere on the planet with anything remotely close to having the same exact finish or atleast no one can ever seem to produce a clad dime to support any of their own theories . Also Im not sure where this PROOF matte finish dime you mentioned came from but the dime that Ive shared is actually a BUSINESS STRIKE DIME WITH A SMOOTH FROSTED MATTE FINISH ... And according to your accounts on how the U.S. mint and other grading companies would probably go about to THOROUGHLY verify if its really authentic I think it would probably be an intentional discouragement in itself for anyone looking for ACCURATE ANSWERS . But I don't think it will be for me because even if my UNIQUE REQUEST TO OBTAIN THOSE ACCURATE ANSWERS has to be paid for then I'm certainly up to the challenge as soon as I have the extra resources to do so . Also i don't think it should have to be a matter of me trying disapprove what anyone thinks either ... infact I think it should only be a matter of determining if the coins finish is authentic and where the coins finish actually came from in order for other serious collectors to enjoy the discovery of A POSSIBLY NEW UNIQUE DISCOVERY PIECE . I mean isn't that what recording NEW DISCOVERY COINS should really be about to begin with ??????? But nevertheless I will try my best to overcome all these HURTLES THAT YOU'VE MENTION and hope to find ACCURATE answers through testing despite what Im apparently up against and despite if it is or isn't a TRUE MATTE FINISH DIME THAT WAS SOMEHOW CREATED BY THE U.S. MINT .
  12. Well I'm somewhat in agreement to the extent that there is NO KNOWN RECORD for any matte finish Roosevelt dime ... However what I'm not ok with is the statement that U.S. MINT NOR TPG would not make every possible attempt in THOROUGHLY ruling out every possibility to a claim of a ONE OF A KIND COIN ... Because to me that clearly seems a little bit odd and unfair for anyone seeking an ACCURATE assessment of their COIN ... But anyway . Please excuse me if all the FRIENDLY ATTACKS and SLICK COMMENTS that I've been getting are getting me a little twisted up at this point . And just to be clear I simply would like real testing done unlike so many others in the post who would rather rely solely on the OPINIONS of experts and nothing more ....
  13. Well this is such a PROFESSIONAL RESPONSE to such a small request wouldn't you say And I think i finally get why someone in the post actually mentioned that even he knows a guy who has a very unique coin that grading companies wouldn't say is bad and yet won't authenticate either ... INFACT It should be very clear to anyone here that these professional steps could Easily validate or disapprove what everyone here believes WITH SUCH EASE ... and yet you say with such conviction that the U.S. mint nor TPG would accommodate this kind of request since there IS NO RECORD OF A MATTE COIN EVER BEING STRUCK FOR THIS DATE AND MINT ... So let us all allow that to really sink in for a little bit : U.S. mint and TPG will say to eachother : Hey this guy claims that he has A ONE OF A KIND COIN . So let's be sure not to give this coin every possible test where there's no record of one ever being struck by the mint because we don't believe it exist .... YEP CERTAINLY SOUNDS LIKE A WONDERFUL SYSTEM AND PLAN WOULDN'T YOU SAY .... And it probably also explains why the other gentlemans unique coin has still not been authenticated YEARS LATER I bet. Infact heres another good idea ... i think that ALL COIN EXPERTS with this same mindset as yours should probably just start wearing T-shirts that read : Welcome to the coin group where we dont care about looking for accurate answers and we simply do what we want . LOL