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  1. Hi Everyone, I just came across this 1931 Lincoln Cent with an S mint mark - from what I'm reading these aren't too common in worn condition and it is a coin that is often faked. I managed, after a good amount of time - haha - to get a close up of the edge where it leads to the mint mark - I saw some information on mint marks being "embossed" but I don't see any obvious evidence here for that. I also read of them being removed and added from another coin or having the year changed - from what I can tell I don't see any tool marks or color differentiation. NGC price guide has this at $70 for PrAg for "Brown" I would like to be more confident that if I send this in to get graded/verified etc I'm not wasting my money or worse if I posted it on Ebay and accidentally mislead someone by posting it as a 1931 S and cause them to waste their money. My questions: In you opinion do you think this coin would be considered RB or BN? Do you mind putting an eye on this mint mark and letting me know if you see anything that seems off/fraudulent? What are your thoughts on value and if this would be worth sending in? Thank you in advance - Kay
  2. haha if we are being honest here I was leaning more towards thinking it was fatigue. Now I'm wondering if I need to go back through the 60 coins I just finished looking at .. oh boy now I'M FATIGUED.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I took it out and got a couple additional close up photos. A tiny bit clearer.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm still over here learning and trying to get better at identifying different varieties vs die fatigue vs strike doubling and so and and so on. It never ends! So many things to look at - I think I have officially fallen down the rabbit hole. I give you all so much credit for the amount of time it takes to study examples of these in order to be comfortable with your determination. This is another coin from the collection that was inherited - I've gotten through about another 60 coins so far but this one has me questioning. I'm just not confident so I am hopeful one of you may be able to help me out so I don't make the wrong decision on what to do with this one. I think what I'm seeing here is some type of die fatigue but the U is what is mostly tripping me up. When I looked up varieties of this coin there is a known DDO for this Year on "We Trust" under FS-101 on VarietyPlus, NGC. But those photos show very clear example and thats just not what this looks like to me. Thoughts - am I on the right track with this being die fatigue/wear?
  5. I may need to add to this joke a bit with a grade for newbies with drunk goggles on : MS70 of course. 😂
  6. Hi Everyone, You were all so helpful with my last post that I am hoping to get some insight on this coin as well. From what I'm seeing these are widely available for sale online and seem fairly common/affordable - The only ones I'm seeing that have high value are graded and in very good condition. I would appreciate your perspective on the condition of this coin and where you think it may fall on grading scale. Is this a coin you would consider getting graded? ps. These pictures are taken through the plastic slip it is in (which is stapled shut) - I did my best to minimize glare. If photos outside of it would be helpful let me know and I will take some new ones - I may put it in a new one anyways as the current is a little dirty from storage. Thank you!
  7. haha! This gave me a good laugh because I did see a few posts like that myself before I formally joined the chat board. I appreciate all the positivity as this is a big project for me. A bit overwhelming - but, I'm feeling so much better about it knowing there are good people out there willing to share information and who genuinely care to take time to explain so I can better my understanding. Its encouraging and very much appreciated. Cheers to you all!
  8. I was able to take some additional clearer photos of the letters on the reverse as well.
  9. Ahh yes! the staples excellent point. I will be sure to check for that on the others as well! I took the additional photos - I also did an extra up close of the W because its not very clear. I'm struggling with some of the glare off the plastic. Happy to take any others if it helps!
  10. Thank you for taking time to provide such a full response - I'm really impressed with the level of activity on this forum. I did not think I would see such a quick response! I will definitely look into the verification - its important to me that we honor his efforts/collection. I did some searching and found the coin you were referring to for the DDO of this year and mint mart on the Variety Plus list on NGC - I see what you are referring to on the spread. Im glad you pointed this out - I was not aware that there was a list of the varieties! I will definitely be using this as resource moving forward.
  11. Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce myself - I have been reading and following many of the posts on here in an effort to gain some knowledge over the last month or so. I just joined so that I can post to discuss some coins/ get advice on how to review this collection. A family member passed and I am attempting to go through and get an idea of what we are looking at in terms of value - determine if we should possibly get any graded and try to auction/sell/or keep. I have some that I believe have doubling but being very new I understand there can be differences such as machine doubling vs true and most will not be valuable - I am doing my best to learn as I go, but nothing beats the eye of someone who has experience in the area so I appreciate anyone taking time to look at my post(s). I purchased a microscope and read the post regarding newbies/posting photos etc. But, if I miss anything please let me know and I will be happy to provide additional information/photos. ------------------ I would like to start with this coin as I found it very interesting and it looks to be in decent condition (to me haha). I don't want to take anything out of packaging that they are in as I don't know anything about storage and I don't want to risk any damage if valuable. But, I will do my best to provide clear images. The information I am looking for is: 1) Does this appear to be true doubling? 2) Is this a coin that you would consider getting graded? what is your opinion on condition? 3) Is grading expensive? 4) What would you estimate this would sell for if we sent to auction or went to a dealer? Lastly, 5) where do you suggest is the best place or method for sales? Coin: 1974 D Kennedy Half Dollar -