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  1. JKK- I did reply to the magnet test - They are not magnetic like the silver/steel ones pictures below the copper coins. I appreciate your input as well, I'm going to have to win a scratch-off to afford this during covid.
  2. They are not attracted to a magnet, that was the first test the coin shop had checked. They also appear to be un-altered coins, from what I gather that means another year coin made to look like this year. JKK- That's exactly why I'm asking the forum for advice, I'm a novice (at best) coin collector and don't have the money just to blow on a dream... certainly not on something that is literally a penny. Although it would be amazing to have the real deal, everything I'm reading is saying they are most likely fake simply due to the scarcity of the coins. Not really looking forward to spending several hundred dollars to be told the same thing that I read online for free. Someone offered me $10k for them, I declined the offer because if they are real... I'm at a loss at what to do. Any advice on moving forward would be great. (More specifically to if they are real, what do you think the potential grade will be due to condition and will they be worth the cost to grade? would you risk it being an avid/master collector? I appreciate all the responses so far
  3. I see, how do I go about sending these in and estimating the cost to do so? Thanks
  4. Long story short, I recently uncovered a stash of coins and want to know what these may go for in the condition they are in. Interested in selling as a ot or separately. Additional Picture links below, Thanks Picture Links: (hosted on imgBB.com) https://ibb.co/8BVPk9P https://ibb.co/6WMd4SK https://ibb.co/JHwBbYB https://ibb.co/q0TXHjC Closeups: https://ibb.co/pXxTRPG https://ibb.co/F6ddNhb https://ibb.co/0QqQSBL https://ibb.co/vsT501V https://ibb.co/WFtzHcH