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  1. Always been told since the beginning of collecting and to this day, never clean your coins. Cleaning does nothing for the coin but strip value.
  2. I see where some of the 2020 Silver Eagle values are starting to show up here in the price guide. This question is for everybody and all. After seeing how the 2020-P Emergency Production version started selling when released and now on the secondary market, where do you think this will be valued at here in the price guide when initially listed? To keep it from getting too complicated, just the basic MS69 & MS70 Emergency Production standard label versions before any additional varieties that were offered?
  3. @ MarkFeld, I just came across an 1884 CC GSA at a flea market. It was like frost. No toning and the GSA slab immaculate but it was an 1884. It also wasn't graded and the seller wanted $250. From across his table I thought it was going to be MS65 or MS66 but after returning with glasses and a magnifying glass and using a graded 1885-O (MS64) for comparison I felt his CC was probably MS62 with the scratches it had. Maybe MS63 at best but I think MS62. Without being graded to know for certain and the seller not willing to move off $250...and being an 1884 I passed on it. Then looked up values and history that evening over the past 14 years where I saw not much of difference between now and March 2006.
  4. Maybe it's just the coins I have or look at but I usually see them appreciate or have some nice spikes like 8-12 years ago. Some may even ride a steady line for a bit but the CC GSA Hoards I've been coming across recently have all been on a downward ride over something like the past 5 years. I'm referring to $250 - $550 CC GSA's (MS62-MS65) today that were $350 - $750 five years back and not key dates. Just those someone might pick up to have one. That's not a $10 or $25 drop. That trend surprises me as I don't have one coin that dropped that much. I'm not a seasoned collector or know-it-all collector so there is plenty for me to learn but how much lower can these CC GSA Hoards continue to drop?
  5. Right off the bat I agree the series isn't interesting. I always thought that. The reverse is nothing special to me with the way the 13 stars were laid out and when I look at the obverse it's nothing more than a new life for the old Walking Liberty design. As for the 5MM+, I was referencing just in terms of the the Silver Eagle production over it's years. If it's coin someone may want to pick up the 1989 just seems like an alternative date to consider. And now the current design is being extended into the new year as a dual 2021 design until the new design release in mid 2021. Additional hype starting on collectability and unknown production numbers.
  6. With most of my coins falling between 1805-1928 I'm not much of a modern issue coin collector. However, I'll still watch an infomercial for collectible coins or maybe an HSN airing just because coins interest me. With the hype this year on the 2020-P Emergency Production Silver Eagles, stats on "key dates", and pushes for collectors to buy the 1986 & 2020 bookends it seems one year is underappreciated. Rarely is the 1989 Silver Eagle mentioned. Again, I'm not a modern day collector so maybe I'm missing something but there were only 5,203,317 produced of the bullion coin. That's lower than the initial 1986 coin and among the lowest in the 35 years of the current design. Over the past twelve years of the bullion coin alone, production has been in the 20, 30 and 40 million ranges. So is the 1989 underappreciated? A sleeper and year for those getting into collecting or interested in Silver Eagles to seek out?
  7. Great post! Very helpful. To me anyway as I sometimes have difficulty taking pics of some coins.
  8. After coming across a nice looking CC Morgan GSA Hoard w/blue NGC MS65 label that I passed on in the moment, I second guessed my decision and so researched that and other years later this past weekend. Two things I realized is that these are very easy to come by if one wants one (except maybe one like an 1881 or 1889) and then also how low the values have pulled back. On several CC GSA dates the values have been falling steadily since 2015 and some of these back to where they were valued in March 2010. Are there just more and more being passed down by relatives or found by family members and being sent off to be certified driving the prices back to years ago? And that these may be adding to the common dates like 1882, 1883, 1884? Just curious what those who may follow the CC GSA Hoard more closely think and opinions on where the values might go. Is it worth adding one to the collection just to have one regardless the date or one's budget?
  9. MN1

    Coin Values

    Thanks for the tip Lancek! Will take a look tonight. When Peter Capaldi replaced Matt Smith that was the beginning of the end.
  10. Exactly. I have both professionally graded coins and raw coins in flips but when I search online I just see many dishonest grades out there.
  11. MN1

    Coin Values

    I'm curious to know where the most accurate coin prices can be found. In looking here at NGC, at PCGS, Whitman Red Book and other sources I find the prices are inconsistent. Prices on the same coin can sometimes be close but then also ranges off by quite a bit leaving me wondering what to go by. ??
  12. I have a Walking Liberty just like that. Identical slab and label. Luckily part of a lot I picked up for the other coins. PCS Stamps & Coins of Norwalk, Connecticut slabs and sells those. I can tell you the Walking Liberty was definitely not uncirculated as they labeled and just VG at best. Again luckily for me it was the other coins and this was just part of the lot.
  13. MN1


    Crruisercharlie - If you collect tokens, can I ask where you look up values for them? Or if you know of additional websites that specialize in those.
  14. I'm not a collector of the state quarters or for the most part modern coins at all. I just have this one First Day Cover and was curious as to what they originally sold for new.
  15. There are other obvious issues with your coin that give away that it's a fake. I see issues right away with the beads in her hair and the stars.