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  1. I'm a noobie, the whole virus thing got me thinking about a hobby, and now it seems I'm hooked. No doubt I'm dumber than dirt than most on the hobby, but I'm learning (had a hard lesson or two about live bidding, ouch, lol). I do find the two primary rating services interesting - I've joined both teams; I'm focused on Ikes, Peace Dollars, Pandas and Silver Eagles, and for bullion I do the gold Buffalo thing. Of the 200 graded coins I've acquired, it seems I'm about 50-50 on the slab sources. I tend to look at the coin, and using my own inexperience make a determination. i do appreciat
  2. three kids, the oldest one graduated college last year and is self sufficlent, she was hell on wheels in high school but now a great kid. middle and young kid still in a pricey private university (the wife's fault), and the bills I see make me fume. but i try my best to tell myself one day it will all get better, lol.