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  1. Hello, I have found an interesting coin in my collection that says "Good for .25 in Trade" on one side and the name of A.R. Checchi in Calais, Maine on the other side. If anyone has any information about the history of these types of coins that would be really cool to find out! Thanks, FD
  2. Hello! I have a couple of tokens that would have been used as fare for the Boston Elevator Company which later became the Metropolitan Transit Authority that ran the Boston Metro. Just wondering if there is even a market for these types of coins. Any additional info on these items would be great! Obverse and Reverse of the Boston Elevator Company coin shown - only one side of the Metro Transit Authority coin shown because it is exactly the same on the other side. Thank you! -FD
  3. Hello everyone! I have inherited a relative's coin collection and I have found some interesting stuff. One coin that stood out was a 1891 seated liberty dime that has a puncture hole at the top so that it can be worn as jewelry. The obverse side is in excellent condition and the reverse side has been altered to say "Aunt Hattie" with decorations around it. I was wondering if these types of custom coins have any kind of special value or if they are essentially junk. I also wondered if there is any to prove that it is an actual vintage piece of jewelry and not a modern fabrication. Pictures attached Thank you, FD