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  1. Sorry I meant the 1904 KM# 1
  2. If you wrote about NGC price guide I Followed prices on eBay for Panama 2 1/2 Centesimos which sell for nice premium and NGC world price guide has VG for $4 and at most 63 for $50 I contacted NGC for this and some time ago and haven't yet received a response
  3. Hi, I saw lately some mistakes at and I couldnt find a way to contact them For example today I searched the value for an 1897-s Barber Quarter which I remembered is a key date and they[coin trackers] had it valued for $22 whereas has G-4 for $130!
  4. HI How about this one? Additionally, can someone also please give more clues? Thanks
  5. Thanks Can you please direct me to a medallion topic? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have many coins with "York PA" on it Some are proof and look like silver and some are bronze etc. Then there is a coin in a box which says "United States Capitol Historical Society" and the 1978 national medal ( one silver and one bronze) So my question is, What are those coins, does it have any value, if yes how much? And are the silver looking coins really silver? I am attaching the coins that have a silver color and are proof Thanks!
  8. Hi Can someone help me with info for this coin? (attached) Especially the value Thank You!
  9. Hi can anyone help me for this coin/medal? (attached pic) any value to it? if yes how much? Thanks !