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  1. i used my new OTT lite setup and it seemed the lighting was perfect but i am still unable to capture the reflectivity of the coin, in the last pic the red line you see is a reflection of an e-cig i was holding. I have realized that coin photography is an art an i am still in the "no clue" category. the coin appears toned and dirty but it is a glassy blast white blazer and i cant capture any of that. this was taken with an IPAD camera. very frustrating.
  2. also, some of you helped guide me toward the correct lights for coin photos. i have 3 more vintage OTT lites coming (which will give me 4) and i have a light box setup im going to try to make work. I will try to take photos of this coin to show the POW
  3. yeah it looks alot more like a proof than any other peace i have seen what i cant figure out is why no other 1927 philly peace dollars have gotten a star across all other grades??? how is that possible with so many thousands out there it would be impossible to put together any kind of star set it seems
  4. lol, my daughter did it in 2 seconds..SAD the pics do not show the mirrors
  5. yeah, im not sure what im doing? it doesnt give me any other options of file types. the ngc pics dont really show any of the mirror look of the coin at all. it is a blazer in hand the cert number is 2105286-040 ms62
  6. i tried to add the ngc photos but it says they are html files....i have no clue what that is
  7. hello, i sent in a batch of coins a while back and one that i thought would grade well came back only as an MS62 with the star designation. I was shocked when the population number said only 1 star designated coin was out there for this grade. I looked at the entire range of grades for the 1927 philly PEACE dollar and across all grades there was only 1 star? Did this turn my coin into a rarity? The coin is a beauty and it has almost mirror like (almost proof i think) reflective surfaces. It just seems odd there is only 1 though. any thoughts?? thanks
  8. does anyone have any proven long term storage methods for slabbed coins. I currently am putting them in GUARDHOUSE SHIELD coin slab protector bags and inside NGC slab storage boxes. please advise and thanks for the inputs on lighting on my last post. I have old school OTT lights coming.
  9. thanks JGRINZ! i just have one more quick question, what is the bulb? some i have seen online look like newer style bulbs...the ones you have are incandescant?? thanks again
  10. i have struggled to get any pictures even remotely this nice. these are fantastic. if i may ask, i looked for OTT lights but there seems to be a bunch of newer models now. do you by chance have the model/ or pic of the ones you use? or anyone else that uses OTT lights if they are able. i have a bunch of nice doubles/ peace dollars that im going to sell if i can ever accurately photograph them. thanks.
  11. i wouldnt expect too many replies to future posts. Perhaps if you would have shown a proper picture of the "liberty" (which i still cant see) you may have gotten the response you were hoping for?? what is the purpose of this post???
  12. hello again Lisa, i just got the email and replied NO. please advise when order will go out thanks again paul hills
  13. i think ms63 is the grade it got but it looks 61 to me.