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  1. Scott NGC finally got back to me after 5 days and I paid for express as well
  2. goldfinger, yes it is solid 22 k gold and still has the gold weight value
  3. Thank you all so much for all of the information! Its wonderful to find such nice, helpful people. To clarify, this is a 1917 George V with no mint mark. I wanted to make sure it was real but alas it is not...The vice president of NGC looked at it and said it was a very good 1970's faked coin in 22K gold. I had taken it to a local coin dealer with 25 years of experience and he told me it was real but a Sidney mint. So I have been so confused...Perhaps this will help someone else thanks again
  4. Hi Alex I am new at this and utterly confused. Why would someone counterfeit a sovereign in 22K gold? thank you for your assistance
  5. I sent a 1917 George V gold sovereign. I did finally hear back from them today and they told me that it is gold but not authentic. It has been in my father's safe for 30 years so Im still not comfortable with trusting this company to be completely honest. Why would anyone copy this coin so long ago?? thanks for responding
  6. Hello I sent a very valuable coin to NGC and it was delivered 5 days ago to them with registered signature. I paid for 2 day express processing. I cannot get an answer or confirmation that my item is secure. All I get from customer service is "be patient" . That is not acceptable. This is my first submission and I am quite nervous that my very valuable coin is not in a safe, secure place. There is no one available by phone. Who is the oversight for this company for problems if my coin disappears???? When will I receive notification that it is in the proper hands and on its way back???
  7. I sent a coin in to be graded which was received on May 7th. I paid for 2 day express processing. Now it is 5/11 and I have not heard anything about the status of my item. I cannot reach anyone by phone nor get any answers to my questions. Where is my item and when can I expect to hear from someone????? I need to know that it is secure and being processed today.