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  1. Thank you so much for the advice. I’ll get studying
  2. Hello- what are the best guides for pricing coins? A dealer I met with last week used book and eBay as guides but the spreads were wide and inconsistent. For reference the coins were 1904 $20 liberty head and a sweet 1928 Oregon Trail commemorative.
  3. I'm curious if certain coins hold up to plastic over the long run or if they should be stored in a more comfortable fabric.
  4. No, not with my budget @Revenant. Silver does go much further. I'm in it for the long run.
  5. Great advise @Just Bob I am excited for the learning experience. Thank you and I will keep this in mind. I am attending the Nashua, Nh a good size regional show (40 Dealers or so) mid June still a ways out @Coinbuf.
  6. Over this quarantine I have bit hard by the gold bug and there's no looking back. I'm hoping for feedback on where to find value and how you spend a $100 bucks?