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  1. Here's a bunch of info for you... We would need MUCH sharper pictures to make fairly accurate grading guesses. But even the people here who are more expert than I am aren't always right on the money with our guesses. From your current photos (and you only need to post one clear one of each side for us) it does look nice. By the way you do have a nice sharp photo of the obverse there so good job on that! But, I believe I'm seeing slight wear from circulation which would place it in the AU category rather than anywhere in the MS. Look at his cheek and the edge of his suit and bowtie. M
  2. You'll find that the newer design with that larger Jefferson portrait will almost all have FS, even the heavily circulated ones. The new Monticello design is a tiny bit larger and slightly better defined.
  3. One thing to think about is how much force an extra hardened die would need to make a nice crisp strike on steel. If it were a steel planchet I would expect the strike quality to be a bit mushy...as the die is not designed for steel.
  4. I'm not sure where you heard that...but I can tell you with utmost certainty that's entirely and dangerously incorrect. It's actually many times deadlier than flu and far more contagious...Just ask a doctor.
  5. Maybe not the right forum ...but you can be re-infected and unless you've gotten the anti-bodies test you have absolutely no idea if you got infected or know if you are still resistant to it if you were. Some people just don't get infected...so I would advise that you don't play with fire and actually find out...because I don't want you to have it, or your wife again either! Some people are having a much more difficult time with the 2nd round! Unfortunately I have been through it too and grateful to be alive but still experiencing all kinds of wacky after-effects. The true probl
  6. Super interesting and beautiful! I have a degree in Commercial Photography from the days of emulsion film and I even have a couple awards from various Kodak photography contests in the early 90's. And even though I've been a coin collector since the 70's I'm not sure I recall ever seeing any coins or medals having to do with large photography clubs...Awesome. Thanks (and to Zoins too) for sharing!
  7. I don't disagree...but I'm on a roll here lol... the next one won't be! :-)
  8. I'm kind of on a roll! < Pun intended. This is amazing! Like half an hour ago, a snowy day coin roll hunt :-)
  9. I'm in :-) It's the registration process that needs to be smoothed out some but I'm happy to be there too now!!!
  10. Smack in the middle of a roll of fresh 2020's! I feel like a 12 year old who just found a VDB :-)
  11. Thread properly hijacked, accidentally. Apologies to @Sdm3 ! Hope you just got to learn some stuff, I know I did lol! :-)
  12. Love it! You bet I will it's going out for grading within a month or so! I like to be optimistic when I pull them out, then I go into super ultra conservative realistic mode one light proper grader look...and you just took that to a Whole 'Nother Level. I like it, thanks :-)