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  1. Thanks y'all for all the info. Let's move in to dimes....
  2. I just read that there are silver nickels and they have a P on the back. Is that correct?
  3. Would just like some insight. The first one looks to be a 1925, its very worn and the second is mounted in I don't know what
  4. Thank you all for taking the time to burst my bubbleslol. Those pennies are in an album that my late husband started. What, if any, other dates would be of interest? Just for me to see what I might have. After this I want to ask about some silver coins. In a new post, of course
  5. Ok I will do that Now let ask y'all this... would y'all send it off to be graded? And as a collector would it be a coin that you'd purchase and what would the price range be?
  6. Thanks y'all for taking the time to help for the advice. I knew cleaning coins is a big NO-NO so I don't do that. Would y'all be willing to help me out with some other coins that I have? Like a 1909 V.D.B. "no-mint"
  7. I also have 5 steel 1943 pennies. 2 "no mint", 2 D and 1 S.
  8. Oh, I see that now and thank you. These pics are the best I can get with a phone. Obviously the penny is very worn. It weighs 3.0g. I'm beginning to wonder if it's actually a 1948.
  9. Umm ok, that's what I thought I had done, my apologies. I will do my best to take and upload better pics of both sides later today. I read that it should weigh a certain amount so I'll also try to provide that as well.
  10. Can you tell me how or where to find trusted dealers/collectors or some resources?
  11. Yes and it does not stick to it. Any suggestions on how to clean it up or a way to get a better picture? I appreciate that you replied-thank you.