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  1. I noticed that you have a "circulation set or proof" category for 2 cents. I was wondering if you could create a similar category for 3 cent silver, 3 cent nickel, shield nickel, and trade dollars? Of course, all of those have in common some proof-only issues. Thanks for your consideration!
  2. HI, i think i figured out a way around my issue. I should be good now. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately i am unable to because the coins in question are error coins. Is there any other way to add these to my custom set?
  4. Hi, I had a quick question. I tried adding some PCGS coins to my error set - they are not listed in my list of coins (as error coins are not accepted), so i've been working to add them via the tool (status, grading service, cert number). The NGC ones added fine, but the PCGS ones, when i hit enter after inputting the cert number, it kicks me back to "public name search". Any thoughts?
  5. One of my personal goals is to collect a certified coin from each year of US mint operation, 1792-2020. I would love to see this being considered for a new competitive set. Any thoughts?
  6. Can you add the following: 1. I have a 1773 Virginia half penny (with period), MS-64 Red PCGS. I cannot add it to my colonial basic type set as the "red" grade is not one listed (only brown and red & brown are listed). 2. I have a 2000-P Sacagawea dollar - Goodacre presentation finish, SP-67 PCGS. Similarly, I cannot add it to my basic US type set with gold as this Goodacre coin is not listed. I also cannot add this to my US type set including modern issues, either. 3. I have a 2015-P Presidential Truman reverse proof, PCGS PR-69. I also cannot add this to my US type set