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  1. Not sure why we as customers are accepting this. I have submissions I have sent to the other "leading" TPGS on the same dates and already received grades at the same service level. Maybe NGC is in over thier heads and management needs to refocus effort's on current customer satisfaction. I'm new to collecting and feel frustrated, not a good combination. Coin collecting and preservation is extremely expensive. If TPGS keep making it more frustrating while raising your prices at the same time more people will quit collecting, or at least stop using TPGS, because it's just not enjoyable.
  2. Are submitters going to be charged your new inflated prices for submissions that have been delivered to NGC but not received by NGC because of your current backlog?
  3. Thank so much sir. I truly appreciate your personal involvement in such a minor submission hiccup. Sean
  4. Sorry to ramble but I hate to identify a problem without offering a solution. When submissions are entered into the database, any discrepancy with the submission form must trigger an adjudication alarm that must be immediately resolved. When an extremely rare item is entered into the submission database it triggers an immediate alarm to a senior member, item managers, rare item experts to verify before proceeding or storing.
  5. Thank you. I'm sure it's an error. I probably never should have said anything. I send coins to the experts for a reason, I don't always know if it's something special. Any error in such a detailed process, especially the first step, brings many things into question. Was it a medium relief as identified upon receipt? And then not? Was your 1903 S Morgan submitted for grading really a Micro s worth 1250 rather than 350? And you didn't know? Coins must be properly identified/confirmed upon receipt or you just never know. Thanks again for your insight. Still crossing my fingers 😎 Sean
  6. Thanks, can't wait to share results. If you hear about a very lucky guy in Kansas, it's real.
  7. Thanks for your encouragement. I'm crossing everything possible.
  8. I would send as is. Let the experts remove
  9. I would think the grading process begins with item type identification. It was received by NGC back on 9 April.. This transitional coin was unknown to me at time of submission, but should stand out to someone who ID's rare coins as a profession.
  10. How often do these data entry errors occur?
  11. Beautyplus Hope you see it soon😎 Fingers crossed
  12. I didn't even know there was medium relief peace Dollar.