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  1. VF details IF real. Looks a bit off. Could be because of cleaning or what not. Take it to a LCS. Send it either to NGC/PCGS. Both are good.
  2. Looks fake. Color is off (to shiny), strike looks weak, plus the chance of it is in like 1 in 100's of millions. Fake.
  3. Looks like PMD since their is circle which looks tooled right around where the date would be. It's coolish, doubt its worth anything over 10 cents.
  4. Looks like a ordinary steele with some environmental damage.
  5. I am looking to buy a affordable O minted quarter eagle for around $400 (potentially a half eagle for like 600). I would also like to purchase a pleasing classic head half eagle for right around $1000 (looking for a AU/XF, though I will take lower grades depending on how good they look/grade/price.) As well as some seated quarters (ideally branch mints). Looking for XF/AU but will settle for pleasing VF is the price is right. looking to spend 300 or less on a seated quarter. Also looking for a capped bust half dollar in high XF/AU for under 500. I'd also like a flying eagle cent in XF for under 150. Lastly, I would like a draped bust dollar in the area of $1000. Ideally F or higher but will settle for less. Willing to accept some detailed coins for this one.IMPORTANTI will have the money to buy these coins by around early next week since I am a YN (on a budget) and am going to be selling coins and junk silver to cover the purchases that i will be making here.
  6. Thank you for telling me this. From what I can tell there is little to no wear on the $2.5 lib.
  7. Thank you. Some people told me the $10 was cleaned.. Not that I could notice any signs of cleaning...What do you think of these?
  8. These are in for grading rn and I'm wondering what they will grade.
  9. Looks cleaned, otherwise it looks fine.
  10. Would there be a way of intentionally toning coins but not artifically toning them but leaving them in those old envelopes for a few decades? Like those gorgeous frankilins or morgans?
  11. My shipment from NGC was supposed to arrive on the 24th and It's been getting delayed since then. Anyone else been having similar issues?