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  1. You know I can understand, that you may have terms on how you give out can see there's a 🦁 Head coming out of Lincoln chest.even the mouth and nose are visible bottom of Lincoln at rim .yet! You say it's badly corroded, we'll just as being a 1943's penny give their value copper.nope never seen a Rim formed like that.
  2. Also is it real? Or maybe it's I just gotta send in to have graded?
  3. Ok thank.i was asking what's the date look like to you.yes I get it.thats why didn't want to show whole picture just the see what I was seeing that's said it doesn't matter because it's too corroded.ok πŸ‘.I know it doesn't add value to the date, however is it 1943S because that's what I'm seeing.yes .I understand that it's not worth nothing.still it's worth keeping to say I have one, regardless of it's condition.
  4. I don't know how ever it don't stick to a magnet.yet, the rim is very odd Lincoln cent has been struck over the very coin.
  5. I don't know how ever it don't stick to a magnet.yet, the rim is very odd Lincoln cent has been struck over the very coin.
  6. Well gm πŸ˜‰,I don't know who maybe talking about.really don't care I been on here for 4 months,so I read post and from then to now they have improved for you guys,well I you give me the run around when sometimes I know you can see the picture anything else I do enjoy trying to find out about different things.yet! No harm is have a wonderful day
  7. See I already know! Anything in circulation don't value to nothing it got to be a special rare what is your problem πŸ‘
  8. I wasn't going to reply, until you act like your has a different sent now .lol.oh I can remember when you yourself was very challenging,oh yeah did you forget? Until you got the hang of it! Now you got something slab,so now you the show now really
  9. Well you people enjoy then . since I'm the problem πŸ‘
  10. Hey when you focus the reverse side Lincoln statue is doubled.i don't say what I think I because well to be told your seeing something lol.its one thing see it in picture,yet! To see it in your own eyes with hands on is yeah.i do get what they do . anyhow details don't lie
  11. Thank you! Also they are very good with information πŸ‘,yet! I know they give alot of people the run around .get it's ok.because what I don't get from them, well you guys step in an help out so thank you 😊 πŸ‘
  12. So do you have any information about a zinc cent looking like this?
  13. Ok that say alot! Because you were saying it's a damage I guess I'm doing better lol.anyhow I never seen anything like it and once more I understand lol.
  14. Listen I'm not good with pictures, however I'm sure see what's going on.its ok that I have something, beside it's part of your job.when have you seen a zinc cent with a rim like the more close I get the more it get you guys already know that! So yes I get it . because if you have some information about this you would have given it to me by now .so I get it .an thank you
  15. Wow I must be seeing things.because I have yet to see a zinc cent,to Doubled in that manner and if so please give me that information please
  16. So the extra nose I guess not there ok πŸ‘ oh come no zinc show s after I trash one?
  17. Hey guys πŸ˜‰I have this 1986D . looks pretty good πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘. maybe I will get a approved this time . well let me know what you think.i see doubling on the πŸ‘ƒ nose.also the spike at the bottom ear, extra face doubling around the eyes and mouth.looking at WE in God we trust.see heavy doubling.oh did mention it's a nice looking cent.oh I did the dumbest thing,I had 2 these an I wanted to know why it looks the way it hint ! No now I have a trashed one ,so I'm trying to see if anyone else seen this before?
  18. I was thinking that it was a small over large date.even the shadow D right above it,the 6 show's the doubling as well as the middle of the 6tail fat showing the traces of the both small and large looks as if doubling around the motto.the D mm is doubling above is the ghost the Ear doubling? As you can see the light hair crack around the πŸ‘‚ ear.its seems to be forming a double around the ear down to the bottom of the neck in the 3 photo.hey I'm learning here lolπŸ˜‰πŸ‘