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  1. Look here a real Question? Everyone is saying what they want to πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ here's a person that replied to my post,yet! Veryhighly respected and yet you're never said nothing to his I wonder
  2. Well oh heck it would do better on eBay πŸ˜‚ bids up .seems to me people don't care about the grade as long as they get what they paid keep adding to this post, your only making it seem what you saying could be a little lie and if I bump my head then it's my head πŸ˜‚.so what's the highest on the grading scale? So how many are slabbed at that top grade,then you subtract the percentage of that and what do you get? You get still damaged coins even in BU rolls,so what's your information about that.did you also tell the people,that in fact for a 1943 copper penny to exist.well it will only be dis
  3. Hey if it's unreadable how are you going to say it's not a 1943S? See that's where I'm trying to get lol.then they say I'm seeing things .this post been here for how long now and that is the best you can do?
  4. Ok thank you! Besides I never said I was sending it in ,An some have a different opinion about what you may think.besides picture don't lie, you can see right to it's surface with good aging. Once more I never seen any coin great a perfect wait does that mean that no matter they all are damaged,An it starts where .? People are starting to see the misguided information that yes ok πŸ‘ .if not a 1943S over a 1753 V- Coin .then the Rim it self must be lying, sir it's almost as visible as it are you worry about if or not I have it submitted? $50 is not bad to have something
  5. Yes you already know I picked these 1974 for a reason.note! That everything about these coins is let's say if this wasn't so visible,an where all those spots you see like the greenish gray tinted color.well I was told that was decaying rotted.oh did I forget to say damaged? Well now you can see where I'm going with this πŸ˜‚.if these coins was not in beautiful shape,also as well as fine clearly details as you can see numbers around the rim and surface of the coin.why didn't one of you tell me these are damaged? Oh clearly you see the date around the rim .so yes I gotta Question.please
  6. See it's kinda hard to really trust information! Some No names ! Here that's parking lot junk,or to damaged,PM,PMD,.seems to me it's like they just justifying what comes from the Mint and what doesnt come from the a circulation coin has No value unless you have some type of special rarity about it.with that being said, so I like to collect stamped over coins because when they say that can't be possible.thats what you say.then when it is displayed with details,it is then justify why it's not what it appears to be πŸ˜‰.I'm like well who made it you or the
  7. So yeah when people tell you that that's impossible to had happened at Mint! Well we see more and more that the impossible perhaps it's possible πŸ˜‰.so I ask alot of different questions.
  8. Do you notice I don't worry about getting coins graded.if I find something I just put them up for my young ones.maybe they will be appreciated and respect the process of collecting an don't let things stop them
  9. Oh guess nobody has nothing to say? see to me it didn't matter what shape it was in ,hell a 1985d copper penny is not supposed to exist! That's the key!
  10. Note I didn't even show the whole coin,yet! I'm sure you can see everything that's when I ask I guess to y'all stupid question like do they hand punched dates,or how is it that they fix that one number if things are like a assembly line? I wanted to know because I wanted to know the difference between a stamped over or a dryer coin
  11. Forgive me! Sometimes I write out loud, just fishing to see what may be on others mind.i guess when I was saying it,that I had a person on mind.About A1985D copper penny I I was told it was a one and too heavy damaged.also that's not 5 it's 1.throw it away or spend it.i never threw it away.sometimes we come to those for help,not knowing trust is a two-sided issue when asking for information.i don't I just thought this was supposed to be fun and enjoying things that we find and sharing them .I didn't know that a thing at first,,then I just sat back an observe alot of things that help m
  12. Again just was thinking out loud, nothing special,also No I don't have any aluminum coins.
  13. I was asking to be bonded No I know neither of them are that great #1. I was in thought asking a question yet! To think about some coins we just pass by or over the degree of off color or a faint of scratch or bunk.some of the great collectors.well most of there coins was off different coin planchet.yes truly them have came across some beautiful specimens.yet! everything that's out there that supposed to be rare and special really didn't receive a real high grade that they received was I guess because it was the only one there at that I see time goes around ,mos
  14. I do have a question maybe 2? Let's say if a coin would to be would need to be bonded with a stronger metal, that would help hold it's form otherwise it would just cave in. So if you focus to the right field of Lincoln, which is where the wear of time aged the tinted look of color.then one person came to mind ,that when they found some of his collection at least 4 was on wrong coin planchet.also with silver and aluminum mixed together.well over time you may get tarnish looking color.just was thinking.well what do you guys think? Oh An No I'm saying this not aluminum 1974 penny
  15. Just a couple of 1974 cents,that seems well very good look for a DD..I really have thoughts about the second 1974D. It really stands out
  16. Hey my ammo is better than yours,I can take care of all 3 werewolf, vampires and the walking dead.i like the walking dead,it's the ones that think they are alive and smart you gotta watch out for πŸ˜€
  17. Thanks Ronnie Stein.oh yeah you tell just Bob .a picture is worth more than a thousand words πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ stamped over a 1753 silver v Coin .ok yes thank gave yourself away when you didn't want to say it wasn't a 1943S .so yeah something don't need to shine ,Or for that matter fit your demand even if you dislike the fact that it was me who found it.! So regardless.thank you even when you was at times giving me good how long have you been doing it to people? Since you can't say it, well I'm I'm quite sure the viewers can see this
  18. To all of you guys,I do apologise if I seemed aggressive about it in the beginning.never mean any harm I promise you! Sometimes having something in your direct eyes sight,is much different than just pictures because you actually feel and see it.So no I don't know how to judge anyone else coins But my yes I hear you at times and I do listen.sometimes things can be challenging.still thank you all for your help
  19. Thank you for that .an I will put it upout of harms way
  20. An I do appreciate that! Thank you! Sometimes people are just really seeking answers, really not trying to get under anyone skin😞
  21. Well please tell us why is that? If it's nothing then tell me it's not a 1943S ! Or overly strong πŸ’ͺ 1753 V_coin ? I want to know? besides look how strongly it takes over to wheat ears and look how the strongly takes over the hair of the head line of Lincoln's head do you see how the letter still standing out to from the old coin in silver? Where it truly looks like dye is just covering it
  22. Here's my theory if you notice if you take a look at the date 1943 if you focus in above that you will see the same 1943 above that you said that it might be corroded okay my opinion I think it was double stamp in the dye didn't take because if you look closely to all those dark spots where you see the silver Shining, it seem like all those areas are, It want to shine through it's true form the coin want to preserve itself.really. Lincoln face is doubling,so yet! Some coins are in fact labeled in some areas with that same type of die lining. Besides for 1753 coin is very old it should
  23. That's the part I guess I don't get because if you said to date don't matter and I'm asking you if I'm seeing a 1943's and you ain't said nothing no response or you want to say you were done okay you said I can ask question so I'm asking questions. I'm telling you what I say no question you see it also I guess there's a reason why you told me it doesn't give it 1943 S No value to it.then when I show the pic , which showed the date and the error I was requiring about.if it's only to be 10 to 15 to exist,,to know one more mint error has been found? .