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  1. Wait what I can only post 4 mb???
  2. Whoops. I posted on an of with an camera, but photos are coming.
  3. my package arrived 1 day early, what i thought was an authentic 1861 $1 note, turned out to be what might be the worst counterfeit ever. it was smaller then modern bills, in full black and white, and just looked fake right away. but, the other bills still make the money. they are all (with Iraq as an exception) before 1990. the oldest being from 1920, the German notes. but the mystery note, its odd. seems to be Greek, but, at the same time, the letters on the note are in Latin.
  4. ah, the Caronavirus. it's cancelled my club. how great. But, i just bought something! its an lot of bills, including (possibly) an 1862 $1 bill. also with an lot of older German, Austrian, Iraqi, danish, french, and Canadian notes. is it an good deal? yes. is it kinda scummy? maybe. is it an scam? well im going to find out. here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-10-World-Money-Iraq-Canada-U-S-Germany-Austria-Denmark-France/392734913513?hash=item5b70d333e9:g:PHkAAOSwJe9ednCs
  5. Nice coin! surely an very nice addition. wish i could get something like it, but im very young and i use my money too quickly. great job overall!
  6. thats almost definitely an forgery, most likely an cast. why though?
  7. im sorry, but flipping through my US notes book, i can't find anything like this. prob just some water damage and wear.