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  1. On NGC site, research. https://www.ngccoin.com/coin-explorer/draped-bust-half-dollars-1796-1807-pscid-231/1801-50c-ms-coinid-16064
  2. I've decided to let a few go after seeing some conversations about these on the boards. All coins are 1 per customer...period. Trying to get these spread out some. For Sale: Raw - $45 plus shipping 5 Raw - 2021 Eagle S$1 Heraldic Eagle T-1 BU ungraded (still in original U.S. Mint bulk container) but will be in flips when shipped. https://edgohio.ecrater.com/p/38341131/2021-eagle-s1-heraldic-t-1-bu -NGC Graded below- 2 - MS69 NGCs $54 plus shipping https://edgohio.ecrater.com/p/38340897/2021-eagle-s1-heraldic-t-1-ms69-ngc https://edgohio.ecrater.com/p/38340788/2021-eagle-s1-heral
  3. A follow up on removing the 1947 Gen. MacArthur Pesos and Centavos from their holder. I'm pretty happy at the condition of these. Just enough toning on the Obv edges to give it a lil' xtra.
  4. Kinda of a blend of US/World, Minted in U.S. for the Philippines. Was after a 1959 Hawaiian token and happened upon this. Nice condition at a decent price...and I like the history behind it. I'll be removing it from the Whitman looking holder shortly to have a better look-see.
  5. NGC site has a wealth of information on it with a little bit of looking, along with the rest of the internet. I like to open 2 separate windows and do a side by side comparison of coins when in question. If I had to guess I'd say real but in very circulated condition....but please do not take my word I'm a bit of a noob also. https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/mexico-estados-unidos-mexicanos-peso-km-453-1910-1914-cuid-1116384-duid-1418369
  6. try a different forum, Newbie section but look here for data for your decision making. https://coinsandcanada.com/coins-prices.php?coin=1-cent-1859&years=1-cent-1858-1859
  7. Just wondering what this has to do with world coins, generally non US.
  8. Let me sneak in here with another that arrived today. ....As Tony Montana said "say hello to my little friend" Plz excuse the poor pics...thanks for looking.
  9. Just wanted to pass along to NGC the quick service I received recently. Placed 3 sets of invoices. World Gold(2), Modern(10) and Economy(4) 2/8/21 -2-WORLD - GOLD-Finalized / Imaged / Shipped-2/18/21 ....both received a MS65 2/9/21-10-MODERN-Finalized / Imaged / Shipped-2/23/21 ... 7 out of 10 received MS70 and 3 MS69 2/8/21-4-ECONOMY-Scheduled for Grading(still waiting but still early into process) Thanks for the great turn around !... please pass along to the crew. Ed G.
  10. If you go to this page NGC Cert look up you will see the value of the coin, assuming not a world coin, and you'll get a idea of it's Potential value...this is not set in stone mine you. The NGC site has a lot of great resources if you have a look around.
  11. A pleasant mistake by auctioneer. I've had these for some time now and only got them due to the auctioneer sending me the wrong coin, the 1953 Cinco. I was suppose to get a 1959 coin for my birth year collection. One we squared things up he had me keep the 1953 Cinco and also sent the South Korean BiMetal coin as a "sorry I screwed up up" gift. I actually like them both and the 53' will go nicely with some of the Mexico coins I like now.
  12. I don't think NGC would back a trade between members, it would be a headache. It would have to be the trust system at best. It's not like people would be standing in front of each other and counting down 3...2...1 swap and then seeing what they got.(yes, images would be exchanged 1st on the internet...etc) and I can't see high ticket items being done this way either so perhaps limiting the coin swap/exchange to a numeric value...example ...less than $100 or whatever. Overall ... Trust will be the factor.....but I see it as something that is feasible and I'd participate once things we