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  1. Another acquisition from last summer. Audi TTRS. Instead of buying coin, I spent some coin: a
  2. II filled a BIG HOLE today! 1893-S Morgan in XF45. I was SO nervous this had shipped USPS. I am thrilled with this! I got it online from SG Rare Coins in Hawthorne, NJ. Danielle there was great to work with. My next best Morgan is an MS64 1892-CC, so this one was certainly a stretch for me. I wanted the best I could for the 93-S. Now I only have 2 holes to fill: 89-CC and 93-CC. My registry is still missing a few images, but I do have 97 coins . I don't think I'm doing some of the specialties such as overdates and overmintmarks. Any thoughts on that? Any advice on pics...I'm not a ph
  3. TWO RECENT UPGRADES to my Morgan collection (that's all I collect) 1880-O MS64 and 1896-O MS61. The marks and toning on the 96 bother me. I prefer white but the 96-O is SO tough to find in MS. I think I even overpaid at $1825.
  4. Another new Morgan. Hope I'm not boring everybody. I only do Morgans (and I hope I can stop after that). I COULD show pics of my first grandson instead :) This is now my most costly but not my favorite.
  5. I think maybe it IS MS. These are commonly weak strike and I think it's just very dark toning concealing BU luster. ;) Dad was very happy! Thanks for your help guys
  6. Can you tell me a little more about cheat sheets please? I'm not familiar. Thank you for checking it out. P.S. hahahaa . I am ;) Don't be spending an hour checking out MY lady !
  7. Hi all My dad has a small circulated collection of flying eagle cent, large cent, half cent, two cent, three cent, half dime, etc. But no twenty cent so I got this for a birthday present for him. I struggle with grading, especially circulated. I was thinking XF, possibly AU50? Or am I being optimistic? For what it's worth I paid 250.
  8. I think Anthony just wanted some info/reasoning, not disagreeing with you assessment. (peace)
  9. LMAO. Also @ my AU50. Ahhhh what could have been..... The 67 makes all my other 64's look not quite as nice as they did. Maybe I should trade you?
  10. Most of my collection is MS64 (or as close to it as I can afford) but I wanted one that was higher grade. I picked this up today and am quite happy with it especially for $475.
  11. Thanks. Always hard for me to tell by pics. I hope I'm happy with it when it arrives. No returns by seller was the only catch. Now the last Morgan I need to complete the P, O, and S mints is the 93-S. I'm probably going to collect the CC's before that one though. All I have are have are 3 (easy ones) of the 13.
  12. The seller accepted my offer of $850 so I bought it. I suppose the market is softening as some were discussing on another chat board. Thanks for the responses.
  13. It looks a little more "scraped up" (idk the numismatic term) than I'd like, but I think it looks solid for the grade otherwise?
  14. MY mistake, I originally included the AU53 link instead of XF45. The XF45 is what was counteroffered at $925. I edited my original post. Thanks
  15. Hi all. I'm looking to upgrade my 1895-s VG10 Morgan. It's the only one in my collection that's not at least XF40. I've been watching for quite a while. This one below (I don't know why it won't 'link' ) was just listed on Ebay and I wanted to get some second opinions on this coin and any other thoughts you might have. I'd rather have an AU (only my 92-S XF40 and 03-S XF45 are under AU) but I don't want to spend a whole lot more than $1000, 1300 tops. Seller counteroffered $925.
  16. I wish I had photography skills. The yellows/golds and greens are cooler than pics show. Why doesn't PCGS use star or similar designation?
  17. ROFL. Thanks for the laugh and help. I'll check it out. Thank you!
  18. Oh, I see. I didn't know that. I've read a couple books on Morgans. Is there an especially good book or online archive that you would recommend about coin collecting in general ?
  19. Thank you all for of your help! I was considering giving the benefit of my doubt to the seller given the possibility in my mind that the photo or lighting hid any luster, PL or not, and even cleaning. He said it was his grandfather's collection who was a pure numismatist. Also, like Just Bob said, this tough date is typically lacking in detail, but maybe I wanted it be MS too much. It seems unanimous that those are circulation marks and not excessive unc marks. I was looking to upgrade my AU55. I think I'll stick to NGC and PCGS graded coins. I've studied hard for the less than a year I
  20. I'm not much of a fan of toning, but that one is SWEET jgrinz !!
  21. I'm considering buying this online. Seller honestly believes it to be MS and PL. I'd appreciate any thoughts/feedback please ?
  22. Thanks Bob and Moxie. They are both AU58 which I was surprised. I think the PCGS definitely has substantially more marks. I just wanted to see if there was something I was missing due to my lack of experience. If anything I thought PCGS was slightly more conservative than NGC? In this case (with the marks) it doesn't seem subjective imo.