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  1. Another acquisition from last summer. Audi TTRS. Instead of buying coin, I spent some coin: a
  2. II filled a BIG HOLE today! 1893-S Morgan in XF45. I was SO nervous this had shipped USPS. I am thrilled with this! I got it online from SG Rare Coins in Hawthorne, NJ. Danielle there was great to work with. My next best Morgan is an MS64 1892-CC, so this one was certainly a stretch for me. I wanted the best I could for the 93-S. Now I only have 2 holes to fill: 89-CC and 93-CC. My registry is still missing a few images, but I do have 97 coins . I don't think I'm doing some of the specialties such as overdates and overmintmarks. Any thoughts on that? Any advice on pics...I'm not a ph
  3. TWO RECENT UPGRADES to my Morgan collection (that's all I collect) 1880-O MS64 and 1896-O MS61. The marks and toning on the 96 bother me. I prefer white but the 96-O is SO tough to find in MS. I think I even overpaid at $1825.
  4. Another new Morgan. Hope I'm not boring everybody. I only do Morgans (and I hope I can stop after that). I COULD show pics of my first grandson instead :) This is now my most costly but not my favorite.
  5. I think maybe it IS MS. These are commonly weak strike and I think it's just very dark toning concealing BU luster. ;) Dad was very happy! Thanks for your help guys
  6. Can you tell me a little more about cheat sheets please? I'm not familiar. Thank you for checking it out. P.S. hahahaa . I am ;) Don't be spending an hour checking out MY lady !
  7. Hi all My dad has a small circulated collection of flying eagle cent, large cent, half cent, two cent, three cent, half dime, etc. But no twenty cent so I got this for a birthday present for him. I struggle with grading, especially circulated. I was thinking XF, possibly AU50? Or am I being optimistic? For what it's worth I paid 250.
  8. I think Anthony just wanted some info/reasoning, not disagreeing with you assessment. (peace)
  9. LMAO. Also @ my AU50. Ahhhh what could have been..... The 67 makes all my other 64's look not quite as nice as they did. Maybe I should trade you?
  10. Most of my collection is MS64 (or as close to it as I can afford) but I wanted one that was higher grade. I picked this up today and am quite happy with it especially for $475.
  11. Thanks. Always hard for me to tell by pics. I hope I'm happy with it when it arrives. No returns by seller was the only catch. Now the last Morgan I need to complete the P, O, and S mints is the 93-S. I'm probably going to collect the CC's before that one though. All I have are have are 3 (easy ones) of the 13.
  12. The seller accepted my offer of $850 so I bought it. I suppose the market is softening as some were discussing on another chat board. Thanks for the responses.
  13. It looks a little more "scraped up" (idk the numismatic term) than I'd like, but I think it looks solid for the grade otherwise?
  14. MY mistake, I originally included the AU53 link instead of XF45. The XF45 is what was counteroffered at $925. I edited my original post. Thanks