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  1. I sent a coin for grading and it has been returned but it sits in the post office in Los Angeles (I don't live in Los Angeles) it has been at the USPS office for nearly 30 days now. Why does it take so long? I sent an additional coin in for grading it still has not been opened or scheduled for grading. Why?
  2. Tell me your opinion. What MS grade would you give these? Are they full bands, full torch?
  3. Tell me your opinion. What MS grade would you give these? Are they full bands, full torch?
  4. 1976, rust or corrosion? 1989, post mint damage or mint damage? 1999, post mint damage or mint damage? 2004, mint damage?
  5. Thank you. I am not familiar with this attribution so I am unsure what T number it is. The coin I intend on submitting is a proof but not cameo. If I remember correctly there are T designations for non cameo proofs is this correct? Since I have no way of knowing the T number do I have to add it or can I simply request variety plus?
  6. Just Bob, Thanks much. When you have a chance take a look at the others. Would you suggest I use PCGS instead of NGC?
  7. Take a look at these. Is it a good idea to list for sale using NGC price guide? 4775646-001 (MS65), 4775646-002 (MS65), 4775646-003 (MS63)
  8. I have two (2) 1957 Franklin half dollar proof coins. How do I distinguish the Franklin half dollars with the Tomaska die. I read that NGC offers a variety attribution for the 1957 Franklin proof. If I have this coin will NGC add that variety identifier to the label?
  9. Well that’s disappointing I will be stuck with them.
  10. If anyone in the market place holds interest in Indian Head Cents please take a look at these raw coins. If you are interested please contact me. Here are photo's. I am considering grading each of them.
  11. I have several duplicate registry items I am willing to part with. If you or someone you know are interested please let me know. Here are the NGC certification numbers. 2103001-001 2103001-002 2103001-003 2103001-004 2103001-005 2103001-006 2103001-008 2103001-009 4773377-001 4773377-002 4772683-001 4772683-002 4772683-003 4770622-001 4771613-001
  12. It seems to me that if they only grade monster boxes owned by dealers NGC is ignoring the individual collector who may have such a coin.