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  1. Pretty much been putting aside all the new 2020 Linc’s as I search through regular bank rolled cents. Just wondering if anyone has come across any form of a 2020 Shield error? I did a quick search on this forum but didn’t see anything. I noticed one design element, on the reverse of a 2020, that really stood out at me. Thought I’d throw it out there for any comments. Not sure what to call this small design element on the reverse but the additional “doubled image” is pretty much identical in size and shape. Thanks.
  2. Thank you Coinbuf. That is good knowledge. I have bought and sold on eBay in the past but never anything related to coins. I am all about respect, integrity and truth and want to make a good name for myself if I enter the coin selling arena. Hopefully I won’t “step on my toes”, so to speak, but if I accidentally do, I hope the guys and gals on this forum will overlook my deficiencies and chalk it up to learning. Thank you all. -Greg
  3. Thank you Greenstang! You are always a great help. 👍
  4. Hi Alex. Thank you for your reply. I am sure someone will give me some well guided info on my questions. There have been numerous members on this forum who have literally “bent over backwards” to help me learn and expand my knowledge on numismatics and collecting, all of whom I am very thankful for.
  5. Not sure if this is the correct forum in which to ask this question so please redirect me if needed. I’m looking at selling a few of my Lincoln Cent finds here on the NGC forum. I want to abide by all rules and regulations. I’ve never sold any coins here or elsewhere. My coins that I would like to offer for sale are neither NGC nor PCGS graded. I have posted many photos of my coins on this forum in the past and have had some extremely nice compliments, from seasoned veteran members, about the quality of my photos. In a nutshell, here are my concerns/questions. -Does a coin have to professionally graded/certified to sell on the NGC marketplace? -Should I assign a possible grade to a coin I post for sale (in my opinion based on research from coin grading services by using their designated MS.... photos)? -I am not familiar with the coin marketplace policies even though I have read several older threads concerning the use of that forum. If someone can please direct me to a newer/updated profile or “rules set” for selling here it would be greatly appreciated. I am not an EBay guru (maybe I need to be and learn more about selling there) so any input concerning this would be appreciated. -Lastly, but not least, does this forum have a bidding system or simply a firm set price for purchases? My first coin I would like to put up for sale, or possibly see what it would “bring” (even though I truly do not want to part with it but I am faced with some medical bills I have to cover) is my red 1998 WAM in very good condition. I also have the 199 “TRUS” greaser MAD that I would like to get an offer on. I know this is a lot to ask. If someone could kindly explain the selling process here on the NGC website I would appreciate it. Thank You
  6. I’m perfectly clear now. Good photo Just Bob and I’d like to thank everyone for your input and comments on this thread.
  7. Trying to get around the 4.88MB file size. Here’s some more photos. I don’t see much of anything on the obverse as compared to the reverse.
  8. I have to apologize about the edge photos that I posted instead of me taking photos of the rim. I just realized my mistake. Sleep deprivation causes wonders and wreaks havoc .... Here are the rim photos as requested, both obverse and reverse. Sorry for the misaligned order of the pics.
  9. Sorry guys. Been really busy since I posted yesterday. Sorry for the delay. My coin on the left, red- same year cent on the left, brown. Thanks.
  10. When I get home this evening I surely will.
  11. Would this be considered a Reverse Partial Collar? I’m leaning away from a Wide Collar as this coin is the same diameter as other normal cents. The “taller and thinner” letters of ONE CENT immediately caught my attention on this coin. Thank you.
  12. I have been trying to research this dime but have not come up with anything. I am much more into Lincoln’s but this dime rolled across my desk last night and I gave it a quick look, another look... and then a deeper look.
  13. Yes sir. I’ve decided to just leave them as they are. The more I look at them the better they look to me. Not to mention, I assure you my mother could care less if they were a different color or tone. It is definitely more of a sentimental thing to her no matter the grade or whether or not they were brown or “ruined red”..... Lol. Thank you.