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  1. You seem to know a lot about supply and demand. TP shortage for example Are you aware that industry has been using 20% more silver than is mined? That means the reserves have been depleting for years. Once you realized that TP is running low (sliver).. they will run to it and try to get some. Causing temporary spikes until when? from now on. Silver is not worth mining or recovering.. 98% of all the gold ever mined is still around. Silver is used in medicine, industry.. and silver plating etc. about 40% of all the silver mined remains. JP Morgan controls 50% of that above ground silv
  2. The pros are saying silver is still going to double by Summer.. there is really no downside to holding such rare coins. They will always increase in value
  3. Price of copper has doubled in the last year. 150 pennies dated before 1982 weigh exactly 1 pound. Copper melt value is $4.20 per pound right now. All your pennies dated before 1982 are worth almost .03 cents each!! eBay listings sell 10 pounds of old pennies as scrap for $40.. that is every 30 rolls or 1500 coins = $40 - 50 dollars now The war nickels are 35% silver I believe.. and the only nickels that have the mint mark on reverse about the Monticello (extra info after reading thread.) Silver halves from 1966 - 1969 are 40% silver and some 1976 bicentennial coins are 40% silve
  4. Seems they deliberately hide the exact numbers. Special labels should all be limited edition or why bother? having 90% of coins labeled "first strike" is also very misleading.
  5. PCGS uses Ebay auctions on their site.. isn't that silly?