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  1. I do not understand why you are confused. In God We Trust is written on the edge of the presidential dollars. Have you looked there?
  2. both are uncirculated coins with a lot of bag marks. The first coin has better 'eye appeal' but that does not always translate into a higher grade
  3. I have several things I want to say but I think one or more of them would be considered inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable by some viewers
  4. happy stuff yourself day! oohhh I ate too much, by the way asparagus in brie sauce is the food of the gods, without a doubt
  5. it looks like strike doubling to me. go to variety vista and compare it. if it does not match it is not DDO
  6. I respectfully disagree... Too many marks and tics and that reed hit near the ear is not very nice at all. Just a common coin in a common grade to my eye
  7. well, not sure I can line up behind that statement. I collect for pleasure not profit and a sticker does not bring me pleasure at all. If stickers and holders give you pleasure than I hope you enjoy, personally I do not care if some guy I do not know likes a certain coin or not, If I like it or not is my concern.
  8. just what I think The numismatic community is fairly small so the traffic would not be great I am not sure how many numismatic researchers or students would be comfortable with using a website instead of books, tombs, or codex or id it codices? I think that most internet users would not want to pay for the use as there seems to be a culture and expectation of free information
  9. I am often the low ball guess but this time not. I think it has some strike weakness and graded as a 63 or 64.
  10. I see what looks to be platting bubbles along the 'extra column' so I think you are looking at maybe some machine doubling along with plating issues.
  11. Why, yes I have Master Gliocas Gun Aon, I have. It told me a few things. First it says you,Master, should wash your hands once in a while before taking pictures. Second it told me that you should do more reading of actual varieties. Third it says one should know what they are talking about before posting common coins claiming they are extreme rarities that do not even exist. You should add it to your reading list.
  12. wow Ratzie! You did it this time!! You found a quintuple struck gold infused hand hammered Eisenhower dollar minted at the Southern Pooh Corner Mint under contract with the San Francisco Mint. There is only one other known in the Christopher Robin Collection of Unknown Varieties. It was minted with dies cut by Shrek and Son Die Sinkers to the King located in Dulac and silver minted in Mt. Morder. Absolutely amazing!!