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  1. I'm a professional numismatic photographer. While every coin is different, there are three main techniques to photograph them. Axial Lighting, Offset Lighting and Natural Light. The images below are samples of each technique. See if you can figure out which is which and lets discuss the finer points of coin photography.
  2. I encourage people to photograph coins.. personally, I love it. I have Mark Goodman's book, Numismatic Photograph. As a professional numismatic photographer, I can say that there is useful information in Mark's book, but it is only a starting point, and in my opinion, most if it is not the best way to photography coins. For example, images like those I've attached here were not achieved with Mark's methods, but rather a custom built 3 axis hybrid axial lighting system that requires no tilting the coin, no depth of field issues and allows complete control of the light gradient across the face o
  3. You have to control the gradation of light across the face of the coin. Do this with custom axial lighting. Check out my profile here or visit my web page at www.denisrichard.photography for more examples. I'm sure you'll have questions, so let me know.
  4. As a professional numismatic photographer, naturally, I find this topic fascinating. Here are few of my shots from my Instagram feed. I'm happy to answer any questions about how and what I used to make them.