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  1. I asked him if its real or fake he said he has no idea. Right now I tried if it's attracted to magnet but didn't even move. Maybe my magent is weak so I think I have to try the strongest magnet. My bad luck that I purchased 2 of them.
  2. Thanks bro. That's I didn't say anything about my coin because I didn't know. I just asked for help but the greedy people they have no manners. this is the proof that I purchased.
  3. Stupid its not kahn You insufficiently_thoughtful_person blind Its Khan Big you don't be silly anymore and it's not your business And go to hell.
  4. Thank you friend. I didn't even know how much it costs. I love old coins so I bought them on offerup. That's why I came here to be advised. But some people accusing for no reason and that's not polite thing. Thank you so much my friend and I have learned that now how to deal with coins.
  5. Mind your language. I bought these two coins and I just wanted to know if it's real or fake. And by the way in what way you're helping? You all said it's fake so its fake. I have no words to tell you but at least you have to choose your words accordingly and you have to be so wise unfortunately which is missing.
  6. Asking for help doesn't mean I am mean a faker. Mind your language I have 3 coins and I know nothing about it so I was just searching and found this site so I asked. Sorry for bothering you guys but it's better to be polite and respectful
  7. Hello I have 1815 half dollar coin can someone help if it's real or fake. Thanks
  8. I have this 1815 one dollar coin and I am wondering whether it is real or fake. Please help me. Thanks