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  1. Hello all. I have some buffalo nickels but 1 stands out from the rest i have read some about 2 different 1936 proof coins a satin and a brilliant any thoughts on which one this one is? Brilliant or Satin? Neither? Any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. Thats whats weird the scale is brand new and recalibrated it multiple times and it does stick to magnet
  3. Coin facts says they are supposed to weigh 2.7 is this within the allowed tolerance?
  4. Bronze or experimental planchet? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
  5. Yea its pretty rough and thanks i will check it out
  6. The first 3 picks are of the coin in question 1960 canadian cent and the 4th pic is a 1962 only added it to point out the doubling on the first 3 pictures
  7. How is that not doubling? The E in Elizabeth looks almost like there are 2 E's
  8. Is it ddo how rare is it if so whats the value of it? Does anyone see anything else out of the ordinary on the coin? Ect....
  9. Anyone have any resources/priceguides for canadian coins and their varieties/ errors?
  10. Is this seriously what i think it is? I have 2 1992d's also but the a&m are much farther apart then this. And the fg looks different. The first pick is of a 1992d The second is a 1992