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  1. So, my grandfather left this coin for my son. I will never sell it. But, I'm thinking of getting it slabbed as a birthday present. What would be your best guess on grade?
  2. Coin dealer I showed it to said he thinks it was cleaned. I'm way to new at this to make that determination. what do you guys think? should I send it with my next group?
  3. That is weird. didn't notice they are identical except for the crack.
  4. thank you for all the information. I really appreciate the time.
  5. couldn't find an exact match in the variety section. But its gotta be something right?
  6. would this be worth a grading? cant find any close auction prices on it.
  7. any chance this could be full head? Or is there something called half head?
  8. Just thought this was interesting. Never seen a coin toned black. Its not painted, you cat scratch it off.
  9. Thank you again everyone. I've sent a few coins off to be graded today[ my first time]. I'm using the money from some face value coins that where left to me from my grandfather [mostly Sacajawea dollars] to pay for the slabbing. trying to get a nice collection set up for my 10 year old son. you guys have been very helpful. thank you.