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  1. Of course it does, that is because the coin was struck normally before the heat cause the surface to bubble!
  2. As the others have said, heat damage, no way this could have happened at the mint.
  3. Well, you said you told him that it was counterfeit, so yes it is your fault that he thought it was funny money!
  4. Welcome to the forum. No way to say how it got damaged, but that is all it is. There is now way anything like that could happen during the minting process.
  5. Ah, it's all beginning to make sense. The way to ID all the SMS and special coins is that they have seraphs instead of serifs!
  6. Poor fake. Really examine photos of genuine coins, every detail and compare to yours.
  7. I for one am not going to condemn only getting one side of the story. I have seen a lot of bannings on that forum, but never one that wasn't justified in some way. Not saying it never happened, but I didn't see it. You had a bad experience, move on.
  8. Have it certified, then come back and post.
  9. I've been on there for years without so much as a warning. there are a few members who are rather abrasive, but that is everywhere I guess.
  10. No error, this coin has been intentionally damaged.
  11. No, sorry to say it is just damaged, no error. The zinc is starting to corrode through the copper plating.
  12. Looks like a normal 1983 cent. Nice condition for it's age, but just worth face value.
  13. Will await better pictures, but so far it looks like a normal cent.
  14. So are you saying the field of the coin is kind of bulging? I can't make it out in the pictures, but if that is the case it is most likely from a failing die.