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  1. Bradford76, How about that Balboa, any pictures yet?
  2. Yes, let's see this slabbed 1981 with a Balboa struck on it.
  3. One of the best responses ever! Excellent advice!
  4. Any coin that has been in circulation for a number of years is going to have all kinds of nicks, bumps and scratches. That is all this coin has.
  5. The reverse picture is not clear enough to be certain but it looks like the normal 1988 reverse. Clearer larger pictures would help. Color, what Greenstang said.
  6. The only way a nickel would be on a copper [not cooper] planchet is if it was struck on a cent planchet. If struck on a cent planchet it would be smaller and thinner than a regular nickel.
  7. Absolutely not a proof, just a normal business strike. What kind of set was it in?
  8. I don't see anything worth more than face value. Is there anything special about the coins that you feel would make them worth more?
  9. If the photo color is accurate I would say it is just toned. Doesn't look like the color of the Sacajawea.
  10. Definitely not copper, I can see zinc through the split plating at the mint mark and zinc blisters as Greenstang states.
  11. It looks like it may have been cleaned leaving it an odd color. Color doesn't mean much as copper is very reactive, toning in any number of different colors.
  12. Just a normal Philadelphia mint dime, worth 10 cents. You won't find the rare no S proof in circulation.