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  1. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too. Oh, well - I'll have to tell him that he's stumped the experts! LOL
  2. Hey, guys - I need your help. My 8-year-old grandson found this somewhere, and asked me what it was. I'm stumped. I know it's a token, but I can't find it on Numista. There's no writing of any kind on it, so I have nothing to even remotely look for. I thought maybe one of you had seen it before, and can give me a clue. Pictures are front and back, and, yes, the same picture, only reversed, is on each side. Thanks!
  3. Wow! Beautiful coin! I can't help you with value - the highest that NGC's World Coin Price Guide goes is MS63, and it's only $13.00. But I'd say it would go much higher!
  4. No, thank YOU, Lisa! I'm sorry the pictures weren't clearer...LOL
  5. First, let me gather a quarter million dollars in coins...then we'll talk about it!
  6. Will do, Lisa - it may take me a day or two, but they'll get there! And thanks!
  7. writer1102


    I collect old advertising tokens, old mass transit tokens, and various other tokens. Does NGC grade and encapsulate these? Thanks!
  8. Thank you, Ali! It works perfectly!
  9. I've browsed and read and searched, and I can't find a way to create a custom set... I'm sure it's posted here, but I surely can't find it. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  10. I'm sending my first shipment to be graded today, and I was wondering if you can tell me NGC's holiday hours... Thanks!
  11. Hi, I have another question: Are the capsules, boxes, flips, etc. used to send coins for grading returned with the graded coins? Thanks!
  12. Thank you, Mk123! It's nice to see others that are looking more for preservation! I spoke of inexpensive coins that I plan to send to be graded/slabbed. Now, I love coins from Mexico and Canada. I have an uncirculated 1971 Mo 1 Peso coin from Mexico that I'm going to send in...and here's a link to the list of 1 Peso coins: https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/mexico-estados-unidos-mexicanos-peso-km-460-1970-1983-cuid-1116304-duid-1418373 My particular coin, in MS63 condition, is only worth 80 cents! BUT, it's worth it to me because I'll have that coin encapsulated and p
  13. You are correct, of course. My opinion is not intended to sway anyone away from however they wish to collect. The key phrase in my observation is "I don't get it." And I continue to say that if profit is the only reason you're interested in this, or ANY hobby, you might want to consider something else. Coin dealers, as someone pointed out, exist to make a profit. Of course they do! But I have yet to find one that didn't also appreciate the coins themselves. By all means, a person should collect coins the way they choose. I don't have to understand it, or agree with it,
  14. LOL - it isn't a problem at all...I just didn't express myself well. I like the official grade on the coin, not for me, but for whoever inherits my coins once I'm gone. I'm 60, and the first grandchild that shows an interest in coins will get them. It will give them a ballpark figure to base their collecting and grading skills on. So, no, the grade isn't for me...I'm more about the protection that the encapsulation provides. My grandkids can worry about the worth, and can decide what they want to do with the coin collection.
  15. I've seen several posts speaking of "getting their grading investment back" on coins that are submitted. I don't get it. I have some World coins that list for $3.00 in MS65 condition that I still plan to have graded. Why? Because I love my coins, and I want them to stay in the same grade that is given them. Getting the coin graded and encapsulated ensures that they stay in the same condition as the day that I obtained them. To me, the grading process is well worth it, just to have an official grade to a coin that I love. It would seem to me that if all you're interested