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  1. All these "emergency issues" are really muddying the waters for collectors like me. Way too many of these emergency issues, hard to keep up and make good buying decisions.
  2. I trust Tomaska's coins and prices over the other TV shows. You will pay a premium and I have never bought anything from him but I don't see him as a total crook. Of course he's trying to make his bucks, aren't we all? He knows more about coins than most people on this message board, including me.
  3. Why would an ASE be bullion, but a Morgan not?
  4. Personally I don't consider Proof ASE's as bullion coins. Hard for me to think of my 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof 70 ASE and my many other Proof ASE's as bullion coins.
  5. Please add the following to the Proof 70 Silver Eagles Set, it clearly belongs: 2006 W EAGLE S$1 20TH ANNIVERSARY SILVER DOLLAR SET NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO Thanks!
  6. Too much whining about this. If some collectors enjoy the added classifications and it makes them feel their registry is more "complete" with these coins, then let them enjoy the hobby the way they want to do it and stop being so judgemental about it. Just my 2 cents. Also, it isn't like these coins are selling for a small fortune, a premium yes, but not really that bad if you waited for the right deal to come along.
  7. Super excited for this coin, wish they'd get their act together and release a date.
  8. So using your logic only coins with five specimens qualify as rarities? Other collectors may enjoy coins as being rather rare at higher numbers than five. Geez
  9. You are a complete insufficiently_thoughtful_person. You are like the Trumptards who think they know more about everything (like their master). If their is no rarity of ANY ASE coin as you claim, go build a complete set or two of ASE's in high quality MS70 and then a complete set of high quality PF70's and we will wait for your results. By the way you other minions need to educate yourselves about who is grading/selling what.........PCGS is also grading these "emergency" ASE's under their "Premier" label and they are selling for around $299, so quit your whining about NGC grading these coins.
  10. Bought and added about 25 new Morgans and not one of them came with an image. That seems quite unlikely to me. Why no images showing when I add the coins?