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  1. Not one guess? It's a hot 50 VAM. I would grade it 63, to much chatter on the cheek, jmo.
  2. Minus about 20% for the casual seller, PP fees, shipping and insurance and the potential for scams, chargebacks and returns.
  3. If you make a 70 get rid of it. ASE's have the potential to spot regardless of their environment.
  4. This seller has managed to sell 150 and currently more than 10 available. Multiply this buy 50 sellers that's 25% of the mintage + or -. Makes you wonder how many were scooped up by a few, leaving the rest of us with microscopic crumbs, not even.
  5. If you make a 70 I would unload it before it spots. Any ASE anywhere has the potential to spot, just sayin.
  6. Just bought one for a fair price. Fair I mean it wasn't 1k or $600, will wait n see. If they drop, I will pick up more to put back, cost averaging. Some unrealistic BIN's on Ebay $3k, $4k, $2.5k, etc.
  7. Assign a grade too if you wish, Scott
  8. Do you have a physical store? I live near the casinos. Scott
  9. Waiting for my most recent purchase, this will have to do. What a pain to image, best I can do. Pain I mean trying to illuminate the reflective devices, actually used a mirror to reflect light on to the surface.