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  1. I have a magnifier but I'm not sure what strength it is 5X maybe. Should i get a microscope at 40x ? Cause they have cheap micro's at 20x and go up from there .
  2. Why are you spamming the forums with this one coin ? Wasn't it answered already ? I think you can get banned for spamming but I'm not positive .
  3. Ya didn't think so , but wanted to be sure . It will be nice when i can decide on my own if it's a DDO or not . I feel like a pain in the butt sometimes posting so much .
  4. Not sure if it could be a DDO or just bad penny , but i wanted to make sure and have you guy's take a look for me .
  5. I trust your knowledge of coin's , gonna toss this one back in the box . Thanks for taking a look guys .