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  1. I'm sure you are right. so that will be my basis. its included in a submission with a couple other error coins including a 1960 Franklin PR6X FBL with reverse hub doubling. same basis situation. just another proof too
  2. Thanks for the comments I will post the slab pic when I get it
  3. I humbly disagree, its not just another proof Here a nice proof CAM with it its more mirror finish Off to grade tomorrow. Where I got it? Indiana A dealer collection pillaged by family It sat for 11 years Now its mine and I am liquidating many coins he collected error coins and interesting things.
  4. onno, its more than lighting I had 2 to 10 pennies out of the same coins just grade ms-68 ANACS. this pales them by the likelihood is gold plating I'm thinking now
  5. It is a uniform and very mirror like surface the reverse is easier to see the Lincoln obverse is so high relief it picks up any color
  6. I have never seen anything like this Super struck high relief and so brilliant the pix are impossible to take anyone?
  7. Thank. you. I've got $10 in it. nice return anyway
  8. no. no point there sorry. dropped wrong image my bad
  9. Should you always grade your Lincoln cent rarities and error coins7ii? my example for the q?
  10. Can I get a little help making sure this is real and if so a hint on grade?
  11. This is in a 1993D Uncirculated set - like MS-65 or better. Anyone seen this before?
  12. along with some others over the years. Uncirculated & proof - A set for each below...