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  1. Thanks The centers are both convex though it appears to me. I'm gonna spend the grading fee. Figure my YFI coins upside can pay for that this month:) I'll post results when they return...
  2. Here is a double denomination that is the shape I am seeing - obviously if you could see it like this it would be a no brainer.
  3. What I am trying to do is show that the coin looks like it was struck on anther coin It is not raised near the rim, rather it rises up which the last 2 original pixs show There is a circular mass raised below the penny attached more pix The final one is very telling on how the copper seems stretched - it undulates and the steps are warped in the middle of the coin
  4. Hi Still running into new things daily.Can anyone help me with what I have? It looks like my penny ate someone lsses... Added: This coin weights 3.00 grams.
  5. I'd like an opinion on this coin please. I have been wrong mostly. Is this a double error coin?
  6. The proof reverse on a business strike? Is that my issue? Proof strike. Darn. So close.
  7. This is why I ask 1999 1c Wide AM Ty-2 (Proof Style Reverse) This is the RARE ONE! Same variety type as described for the 1998 above (and 2000 below). MMNS graded MS-64 RB (in my opinion this is an AU) $175.00. The following are from original brilliant uncirculated rolls: MS64/++ RD $295.00, MS65 RD $350.00, MS66 RD $550.00 From Ken Potter;s Error Coin Website
  8. So, I got my penny back graded nicely Did they miss the fact that this is a Wide AM or what. I can't find it to price it. Thank you in advance
  9. I'm sure you are right. so that will be my basis. its included in a submission with a couple other error coins including a 1960 Franklin PR6X FBL with reverse hub doubling. same basis situation. just another proof too
  10. Thanks for the comments I will post the slab pic when I get it
  11. I humbly disagree, its not just another proof Here a nice proof CAM with it its more mirror finish Off to grade tomorrow. Where I got it? Indiana A dealer collection pillaged by family It sat for 11 years Now its mine and I am liquidating many coins he collected error coins and interesting things.
  12. onno, its more than lighting I had 2 to 10 pennies out of the same coins just grade ms-68 ANACS. this pales them by the likelihood is gold plating I'm thinking now
  13. It is a uniform and very mirror like surface the reverse is easier to see the Lincoln obverse is so high relief it picks up any color
  14. I have never seen anything like this Super struck high relief and so brilliant the pix are impossible to take anyone?