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  1. No you need to submit a form for them to get graded most coins are always in a case for protection of the coin if there is a grade on it already then it has been graded
  2. Yes just take your time filling out the questions so you dont mess up and always just describe your coins what grade you think they are and be able to afford to send them out first so you have a estimate of a idea how much depends on what you subscribe to for membership hope it helps treezy coins
  3. Yeah it's about 1250 possibly 15 max depends if you can find one similar that last sold for or pcgs has a value guide idk if ngc does I know when you enter the numbers but not a separate app for it
  4. I tried to get the rim but pic is to big but prime examples of the over paid but ok ty all
  5. I paid 140 stated that it was uncirculated and I'm gonna put a pic up of the rim as well a microscope pic again for the others and I appreciate all comments and ty for your opinion I also have like 5 more in different conditions but if there is anyone into coins as well I would love to have a meet up in south Plainfield new Jersey I'm looking for someone to document ment my coins on paper for my collection n etc willing to pay as well i have serious medical issues and can not use my hand due to carpal tunnel as well other issue please text 1 732 902 1689 ty my name is robert jacques I'd appre
  6. Hi I just bought this beautiful Morgan 1884s mint its uncirculated great coin