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  1. HI everyone, I have 3 coins with Die Cracks, and Die Chips (both in each coin)...but they are basically in the same area in all 3 coins....There was any issues with the Die?....are there more coins or it was a coincidence that I found all 3 coins?...One of the Die chips is too big and it looks more like an extra Bun in the lady's head.
  2. Here is a new picture of the area where part of the moon is missing. If you take a look at the texture of the surface you can tell if this area was polished or not. I already did some research in other websites....and there is not reference about the missing part of the moon...many people found this as an interesting topic. But I dont know yet if I need to get a certificate for this or not.
  3. Hi everyone...I found this Eisenhower dollar (Coin B) with 2 small details and 1 Die Chip. in the images you can notice the 2 details missing in coin B. One is the Wood Framing and the other one is small part of the moon missing. Anyone has idea if this is an error?