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  1. Is this a whizzed coin or something else? Would be quit extensive for whizzed. The texture contours around the portrait and it seems to have mechanical doubling.
  2. Have noticed these type coins in proof and mint sets. Would like to be sure how to classify, double die, doubling, etc or if normal in striking. The 53 qt. and 64 dime are proof coins, the rest are from mint sets which I understand to be struck once, but see like on the B on the Kennedy has a shoulder around it. See it on Franklins as well.
  3. The post went to an error page, but showed up anyway. Was not looking for extra answers or snide comments, but thanks for your comments
  4. Is it possible to safely remove haze from proof coins or should coins not be cleaned?
  5. Can the haze on proof coins be safely cleaned and if so should they
  6. This coin in my mint set and has similar marks That's why I had questioned the 1899 barber. I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my posts
  7. Have this coin in a mint set. The shield on reverse is not fully formed.
  8. I have some mint set coins with similar markings, not as deep and closer together. Was wondering if anyone has seen this before?
  9. 1965 Jefferson 5c Would like to know if this would be considered full step. Can only find one picture for reference