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  1. Thanks Condor. I think I will collect the Proof versions and let the others be...unless I come across the money and desire to invest in the silver bullion rolls of 20 per year
  2. Thank you for the great information and response. I think I will stick to buying the proof versions of this series since I got snookered and paid more than the $30 for the bullion piece Matt
  3. Good morning fellow coin collectors, I am trying to figure out the difference between the burnished silver eagles and the regular uncirculated silver eagles. I have been collecting the silver eagle coins for a while now, and always buy the proof versions from the mint when they are released in OGP. I have also bought the graded coins as well in PF70 Ultra Cameo. When I decided to purchase a 2019 MS 70 version of the silver eagle, I was expecting to get one with the W mint mark thinking that it was from the West point mint where the uncirculated coins are made. However, I got one that was MS70 with no mint mark. Do i have a bullion piece that is graded at MS70 or were they uncirculated coins with no mint mark made? Am I correct in thinking that there are three versions of the Silver Eagles for the year 2019: Proof, Uncirulated (W mint mark), and burnished? Thanks Matt
  4. I am looking to complete a 1981 S Proof Set Type 1 with NGC graded coins of PF 70 if possible. I have been able to find the jefferson nickel, roosevelt dime, and washington quarter so far. Any help for the Kennedy half, SBA dollar, and lincoln penny would be appreciated.
  5. Thank you for the response Walkerfan! When you mention restricting myself to just one service...are you referring to using NGC, PCGS, etc?
  6. I recently was adding some graded coins into my profile and have one that does not show a value under the price guide column. S$1 2019 S Eagle First Day of Issue I find this strange since other coins that I added that the price guide value isnt showing gave them a value. Any Suggestions?
  7. I am thinking about buying the 2019 S Silver Proof Set in PR70 UC graded by NGC. Can anyone give me an actual approximate value of this set/these coins graded as PF 70 UC so I can make sure I am not being taken advantage of price wise? I was thinking that this set would be a great addition with it being the first .999 fine silver coins? Thanks in advance! Matt
  8. I am thinking about buying the 2018 S Silver Reverse Proof Set in PR70 UC graded by NGC. Can anyone give me an actual approximate value of this set/these coins graded as PF 70 UC so I can make sure I am not being taken advantage of price wise? Thanks in advance! Matt
  9. I am new to coin collecting on the grading side of things, and was wondering about the different designations that are used in the labels of coins. If the coin is graded as a PF70, PF69 Ultra Cameo, MS69, MS70, etc what are the differences between the following designations in regards to the coin, the price associated with the coins, and the way the labels are view withiin the industry? First day of Issue (FDI), Early releases, First Releases, signature FDI's, no label, etc? Also is there a difference in the label used like the trolley, flag, star, brown label, or is it the owners choice to choose what they want? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thank you very much for this response. It’s great to hear opinions vs advice cause they make us think about things we don’t know all about. Much appreciated. I’ll buy the coins (ogp) and splurge on the special ones that I really like! With a graded coin every now and then.
  11. Hello fellow coin collectors, I am a collector of original government packaging coins (ogp) and have the idea of starting to collect graded coins by NGC and wanted to get some advice as far as how to go about making sure I don’t get taken advantage of price wise. I’ve used the verify tool in the website for my few purchases. Any advice or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance!! I know that we all love the idea of owning the top tier merchandise (PF 70, MS 70, etc) but is there really that much difference between a 69 and 70 other than the price jump between grades?