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  1. I have the following mint state coins available for sale on eBay.

    Lincoln Cents: 1996-P, 1996-D, 2012-D, 2014-D, 2015-P, 2015-D & 2019-D All graded MS-68 RD

    Kennedy Half Dollar: 2012-P graded MS-68

    Jefferson Nickel: 2012-D graded MS-68 6FS

    Roosevelt Dime: graded MS-68 FT

    All coins graded by NGC. If there is an interest, please email me at



  2. Well,


    I got results back on my first 15 PCGS coins I submitted for crossing. 8 of 15 coins crossed from PR70 DCAM to NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo. I guess from reading other posts that percentage might be pretty good. I'll update this post when I get the other results on the remaining 16 coins. One coin I am very hopeful for. I think NGC should just allow the PCGS coins to be added to registry sets rather than penalize us new collectors.

  3. I am paying to have my PCGS coins Crossed Over to NGC. I have submitted 31 coins graded PR70DCAM to NGC with every expectation of getting 31 coins back graded PF70 UCAM. If I don't see all of them graded as expected I may just put an end to this registry set game.