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  1. I understand what you are saying. Besides it’s only a hairline crack. But saint see pay attention of other side. So is it a keeper or has no value? Thank you all for your input.
  2. Lo can only download 4.8 mb. So the side of the coin might be to big. I don’t know how I can attach the picture?
  3. The coin is what is cracked. I’ll take another picture of the top part but the crack does run to the side.
  4. Could it be worth something? I plan on keeping it but don’t know what to do? Thank you very much. How can I verify it? What would make it more valuable? The coin being cracked or the die being cracked?
  5. Please advice on the letter “R” on liberty please.
  6. Hello all, i found a 2000 D Penney that shows Lincoln's cheek bone deeper then other one cent coins I have seen. Please advice if it’s worth holding on to. Thank you
  7. I am very new to collecting coins and found this 1956 D wheat Penny and wondered if anyone has ever heard of coins being caught up in a conveyor belt at any mint location? I figured that if it was after circulation, damaged would be on both sides or at minimum on edge? Please advice. Thanks