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  1. I'm really obviously new to this. I appreciate all of your help. I just want to know if what I have is valuable? Rare?
  2. Thank you so much for help. Trying to figure out if these are valuable.
  3. My coin actually appears to be gold on obverse. On front appears to be 3 stars by top left of head. 2 mint marks I believe? I will put new hopefully better photos.
  4. I am reading that this is a known error on 1949 d/s nickel.
  5. Is this a double denomination? Is that why smaller & thinner than normal nickel & why red/brown
  6. I'm sorry I wanted to know if the extra mint Mark's should be there
  7. Im confused I thought these were considered errors? Triple shadow of his face? The extra mint Mark's all over penny? The round wreath/star like emblem over memorial? Off center?