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  1. Good evening all! I got a couple ASEs back today from grading and was surprised to find that one of them is definitely an off center strike on the reverse, ide Guage it about 15 degrees..... im not sure I've ever seen the topic brought up in ASE world before. I have other coins that are clearly off center. I feel like I want to send these back in and have them labeled as such, but they are fairly high dollar coins and I am afraid it will hurt the value. Is this something I should look at and consider a rarity, since the ASE and West point mint are known for quality, that will rais
  2. Also, look at the differences in the J, the top portion varies on both alot.... def both hand signed is my opinion.
  3. Yours is the top for reference.... and looking at the thikness of the lines comparatively, though a little blurry ide say we both got hand signed. And I had a feeling that there would be a larger number of these that came back less than 70. I've been seeing some numbers come back and im super excited I got 70uc on all of my submissions.
  4. Yours is tilted slightly but I cropped it and magnified it... you can see how the sigs don't lign up. They may be both hand signed or one of each. I just know what an autosig looks like, from all of my art I collect and memorabilia. There won't be bleeding and breaks in the sig like in mine under the microscope. The changing thickness of the lines and the pull off marks won't be there on an autosig.
  5. A further update for you guys since I know this was a hot topic on release... there is no way short of putting your cert under a microscope to tell if its hand signed. You can clearly see the stroke marks from hand signed like on mine. I dont have any to compare but I believe the others are autopenned.
  6. I buy most from the mint direct and send to grade but there are 2 shops here close to me that sell 99% of their stabbed eagles at spot prices. I've gotten some valuable (by the book) slabs from them. I dont understand those that do it that way.
  7. I'll keep sending mine in, you win some and you lose some and if you get lucky you make a little money down the road but you always have great coins. Here are 2 of the rarer modern eagles, that I'm glad I got.
  8. I hope only a few end up grading out. That would make it that much more epic!
  9. Got them in today, it was def smudges on the holder. Coins are perfect. Can't wait for the medals to come in!
  10. It was the first time I paid for the pictures and I thought they would at least make sure the holder was wiped down and looking good for the pics....thats why I'm afraid its the coin. But they did do is super fast so maybe they just rushed it!
  11. I overnighter them there and used ex, but they did it in a day. Super fast.
  12. I decided to send the eagles in and not wait on the medals.... the ASE is posted already! I hope those are smudges on the holder and not the infamous "milk spots" but I wont know until I get it back. They haven't done the gold yet but the silver was super fast.
  13. Send express and pay the little extra you will for sure be happy. Mine is already being shipped back. Check my pics tho, these may suffer from the "milk spot" issue!!! I'm hoping those are just smudges on the holder but I can't tell untill I have it in hand.