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  1. I have 4 or five 1901s and the other dates. Most of them I have seen all have this issue. It's like extra flow....
  2. A side note, the two that toned were brassy colored to begin with. The other 2 that were chocolate brown are the ones that didnt change at all. The 1937 nickle just looks hazy, like fine patina on the edges now.
  3. Hello again all. I recently purchased a bunch of old dealer stock at an estate sale. He had lots of old coin wrappers and coins that were still wrapped. See my post about the 1954s cents. The one roll I opened, i took the wrapper and rolled a bunch of morgans and indian heads inside it and sat it on my window sill. It's been about a week. The morgans have no change but the indian heads are gorgeous rainbow toned now. Both different, one darker red and browns and one lighter red and browns. Of the 4 only 2 toned and they toned very fast. See pics. I have 2 sets of wrappers. One from 1940s roll and one from the 54.... i crumbled them up and put the coins inside them. With the huge debate on AT and natural toning, would this be considered AT? I have done nothing but place them in the wrappers and on the window..... thoughts? I used some sorta junk coins to try this as I'm afraid to use the good stuff.
  4. Cool. Let me set up my professional coin photography set and I'll post the actual pictures. And yes, they are screenshots from my cell phone because there is a size limit to uploads. My camera and eben my phone takes pics that the size is almost double the size limit allowed. But hold on a few..... ill get set up. And by pretty close I clearly ment the finish.... as the conversation was about the finish and not the grade.
  5. Below are shots of the highest graded ngc and highest record auction coin. They look pretty close to me, but I'm not an expert. Are the flow lines and "pitting" common in this series?
  6. I know they had a copper version and I think a brass version of this cent piece. Are the areas that look like streaks just the way the metal cooled? The reason I dont think it's been cleaned is because the streaks are inside the devices and on the fields but not on the devices. If someone cleaned it wouldn't the streaks be consistent and on the whole surface?
  7. Hello again everyone. I've got another cent piece I got at the estate sale I'm getting around to posting. This cent looks amazing, was in a 2x2 that had typed "Gem BU" on it. I dont know what cleaned coins look like so if anyone could chime in and let me know if this is worth grading ide be appreciative!
  8. Is this considered die polish? The entire bust of lincoln bottom edge has these makes and no edges.
  9. I will be posting more pics. And yes, the first 2 to 3 coins on each end are toned, the rest are ranging from shiny RD to BRN. A few random pink/purple toned but only along the rims. And the last pic I posted, the bottom of the N is broken off and spun 90° and stamped right below. I'll be post a close up pic after I finish lunch!
  10. Hey guys thank you so much for the responses! I have 6 total, all 1954s and all unopened. Well, 5 now because I did open one. I dont like to sell my coins and I've never sold any but maybe sometime down the road. The opened roll I'm going to search, so far 3 of the BIE errors and all woody/rainbow toned. I know people love the woody's but does the rainbow tone detract from the value? They are so toned some look fake. I'll post some more pictures. Are there any 1954 s that i should be on the lookout for? I just started collecting a few months ago! Ps. That second picture, the N has a huge break on the bottom with the piece next to it like a "cud".
  11. Hello all! I just found some exciting unopened lincoln cent rolls at an estate sale. I'm afraid to open them, but just from looking at the enders I see some amazing woody's and rainbow toned cents. I was under the impression that most rainbow toning was AT? Should I open these and if so what should I do to protect them ie. Wear gloves? I have 2x2 holders ready to go. What do you guys think?