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  6. This is why I posted on NGC and join their group for a second Authentication on my 1934 copper magnetic penny PCGS did not do as I had asked them to do when grading my coin all I got was excuses and the wrong description ergo PCGS in my book has lost a new customer from now on all my coins are going to NGC it cost me $1,000 to get coin recognized and put in their magazine and they still did not describe it properly so now I will send get to NGC for the proper Grade PCGS was a waste of my time and money I will not deal with them in the future no matter what coin I find I am sorely disappointed
  7. You can use this number to view the slab in pcgs coin records .36039881
  8. Has anyone ever discovered a coin rare case that no one else knew about I have a 1934 US penny sticks to a magnet a very rare coin in fact I think I have the only one in the world if anyone else has this coin please post where it was certified mine was done by PCGS as a real us Lincoln penny 1934 metal composition what sticks to a magnet that weighs 3.11 gram anyone else out there has discovered anyone unusual and rare like this one or any other one by our US Mint please feel free to post information for me thank you NGC for allowing me to post this on your site.