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  1. Greenstang: I think you are right. I was pretty sure that something like this couldn't happen during stamping. The angle across the coin is too perfect and the reason why it looks like it is part of the coin is probably a very well done bit of soldering. The surface of the addition is also not as shiny as the rest of the coin and is probably a different material. I think I will put a soldering iron to it and I suspect it will come off. Thank you for the response.
  2. My wife found this 1987 dime. The coin shows very little wear, but has this raised area on the back of the coin. It doesn't go past the raised ridge on the edge of the coin and is about 1/2 mm thick and doesn't go any higher than the ridge on the edge of the coin. The grooved edge of the coin is not disturbed. The face side of the coin is not disturbed. The raised area has a small groove in the middle. It appears to be part of the coin as there is no evidence of any seam along the side where it meets the coin and appears to be continuous with the coin. Any ideas of what it might be? Thanks