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  1. Any idea as to what my next move is in regards to this coin?
  2. I apologize if replying to my own thread is against the rules, please remove my post and it won't happen again. Just posting a full pic of said coin for context.
  3. Hello all, First I would like to say that I greatly appreciate anyone's time who can shine some light on this coin, or pass any information my way. I have what I believe is a 1925 Belgian Congo 1 Franc (KM #21) that appears to also have an overdate error....is this a 1925/3? I have spent many hours trying to research this coin, only to find next to nothing in the way of rarity, mintage, etc, even a picture that's similar to mine! One database informed me that the coin does "exist", lol. Do I actually have something here, or is this another case of a novice's eyes playing tricks? In t