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  1. From what I can see of it, it is real. The coin came from Athens, which was a strong military force when this coin was minted. As for value, it all depends upon it's grade.
  2. I know that there is a 1959 wheat cent. Could the mint have struck a 1958 cent with a Lincoln Memorial reverse? Reason why I'm asking is I've found one, and honestly don't have a clue if it's real or a fake. I'm not posting a picture of it until I have done research on it. Just want some honest advice and opinions.
  3. I know that there's a satin finish on the 2010 cent. Is it possible that the mint screwed up and accidentally minted several 2019 cents with the same finish? Reason why I'm asking is that I opened up a roll today, and found one possibility two with what looks like a satin finish on them. Can't submit any pictures right now, but will soon.
  4. Robert, I've a cent similar to yours, but far more damaged, which came out of a roll as well. As you already know it's not a error. Suggest you spend it first chance you can.
  5. I've done my in depth research, and it states that ALL Canadian nickels in the proof sets are made of nickel. The one I have, which is still in the protective package along with the other coins released in 1964, is made of steel. I found this out by accident when I was using a magnet to test other coins in my collection. Any information on what to do would be appreciated.
  6. Thank you for your info. Yet, I beg to differ, as of date I've found 2 2017P cents with the wam and 1 2017D with wam, and several dozen of each of the cam variants.
  7. All the 2017 P cents I've found so far are close AM. Are there any of that year that are wide AM?
  8. That is a road rash trash penny. Best thing you can do is spend it
  9. Looks to me like he is referring to the statue of Lincoln inside the memorial. And to me, no it's not a rare as several coins I have has the same thing. It comes from wear upon the coin. But, take the cent to a dealer or send it in to be graded, so that your mind is satisfied with the results.
  10. Coin was passed down through the family since 1911. In last 5 years, I've had offers ranging from the melt value up into the 30k range. Already know it's genuine, my question is, "should I hang onto it, or get it graded and sell it"?
  11. Found this penny a long while back, to me it looks like it was struck without the copper. Opinions please.