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  1. Thanks for the helpful advice . .. I have never utilized a chat forum before so thanks for being understanding and not rude if I did it incorrectly. I appreciate the tips and advice it's greatly needed . I think I will drive back into it another day finding a valuable penny in my small bag of wheat pennies is about as likely as winning the lotto and I'm not that lucky but you never know maybe I'll leave them for my daughter when she grows up it's cool to think I could have a penny worth thousands then to know I don't aaahhaa thanks again ..
  2. Well like I said I don't ever get on forums I don't know how they work and I was trying to get advice from multie people. If your not trying to be unkind Then maybe ur comment wasn't necessary. Did it really bother you so much you just had to reply . I simply would have ignored my post if I didn't want to be " unkind". Anyway thanks for the advice maybe I'll post it 3 more times ✌️😂 jeez it's not that serious .. weird ... Muah.. gotta love individual_without_enough_empathys .. smh
  3. Hi just wondering the value of these wheat pennies and why the 1944 looks like it does?is it an error??
  4. Thank you and yes it's not a huge bag but I've seen so much on Google I got excited but I appreciate the advice. I figured it was to good to be true but worth inquiring about thanks again
  5. Hi I am not a collector of coins I inherited a bag of wheat pennies and Lincoln pennies all different dates does anyone know where I can take the whole bag to get valued and trust who is doing to be honest. These were my grandma's who recently passed and she was a collector of antiques and she had these. I would love to have them valued by an expert because I have no idea about coins but from Google and it's to much to googleamd to many different coins I live in Texas but don't know what kind of shop or person to take these to who won't lie or try to get over on me . Plus it's quite a chore going thru these things please any advice is welcome
  6. Does anyone know where I can take a bag of Lincoln and wheat Pennies to be valued my grandma collected them and has recently passed and I want to see what her collection might be worth . She collected antiques and things she felt were valuable to leave us so I don't want to get rid of anything that might be worth alot thanks
  7. Here are a few more feed back anyone I have many different dates of the wheat pennies and the 1950-2000 pennies
  8. Hi can anybody help me. I inherited a bunch of coins and wheat pennies I'm trying to see if maybe any of them are valuable but I ha e no idea about coin collecting. I only know what I'm googling so this is quite difficult. I don't want to get rid of them if there i s any of value because they were my grandma's and she collected alit of things and antiques in hopes it would pay off when she was gone but I m not sure how to go about finding out if these pennies and coins are worth anything it's a big bag if anyone can give me sum advice on where to find out if any are valuable I would be so grateful . Here are a few I tried to look Into
  9. Thank you very much.I have a few more questions if that's ok there is some silver Penny's that are from 1943 I've researched some and know that if it was 1944 I would be a happy girl but are the 1943 still worth anything? And what about double strike or whatever it's called I think I see it on a few of the 1982 and a few others are all error pennies worth more then 1 cent I have so many different dates so I'm slowly going thru them but I am not knowledgeable about this kind of stuff. My grandma would be so happy looking down if I could sell or auction even one off for a nice price. She collected antiques or what she thought to be antiques . So I'm sure I'll have a few more questions if that's ok . I have never been on a forum like this so I appreciate you help
  10. Hi my grandmother recently passed away and left a bunch of old wheat Penny's and Lincoln Penny's I came across all these and know it is to good to be true that any of them are the rare type can anyone let me down slowly that these are not the small date or if one is make my best day ever please I can't tell it's hard to know for sure thank you .. although I kind of like not knowing and thinking I might have one but I have to know it's driving me nuts